Listening to Your Guidance vs. Your Mind

As we go through our daily lives we often hear a subtle loving voice inside of us offer some words of wisdom only to see these words quickly drowned out by our minds and the logical/analytical games it begins playing. This is no fault to the mind as this is all it’s really programmed to do. It is up to us, we have chosen the challenge to begin to listen within and truly get in touch with who we are beyond our conscious thought. Each one of us has our own guiding system that we are all capable of getting to know and using in everyday life. Uncovering this will allow us to do what we are truly guided to do versus what the mind wants for us. Some may call it intuition, or higher self or the soul, either way, getting in touch with our true inner-self is what many of us seem to be being pushed to do at this time. Truthfully, there are several ways of getting in touch with our inner self, and it’s not that complicated. We can easily get lost thinking this is a deep spiritual practice that takes hours each day, but it’s not. Before reading ahead, remember that there is no one way of doing this and whatever works for you is what you should continue doing. Be open to how getting in contact with your soul or inner-self presents for you and flow with it. Use tips you may read here or others may give you as something to try, but don’t feel it is the only way or that it MUST be followed. Listening to our inner-selves can be done by quieting the mind and hearing that soft peaceful inner voice that is guiding us from a clear state. This voice is contrary to our mind, the loud, logical, judging, and sometimes fearful voice that is programmed for survival. To tell the difference between the two is often simple because they present in such different ways. One at peace and one sometimes fearful and analyzing every detail, every route and every decision. Have you ever felt something strongly in “your gut”, as many put it? This is usually our first instinct in a given situation and this is your inner self. After that first instinct the mind begins to come in to look at all angles and details involved. While in some cases this can be useful, it’s also important to note the difference as often times it is not needed. This is when it’s best to quiet the mind and go with the first instinct if it resonates with you. During this time of course, fears or judgments may come up associated with the decision or situation you are in, remember, this is only the mind. Use that opportunity to ask yourself WHY you are experiencing the fears or judgments and collapse the belief or condition associated with it. Eventually you will become more comfortable with the guidance coming from your higher self as you learn to trust yourself. For some, you may also feel some form of physical feeling in association with your guidance. This can come in many forms. For me it can come in the form of a light sensation that may come over my body or be felt in the heart chakra area. Again there is no need to look for this or make it happen. If it is there, be aware of it and notice the pattern as you begin to trust your higher guidance, eventually you will just KNOW what is your higher guidance and what is your mind. I wanted to add an important piece here at the end as it is very important and something we should be aware of.

The mind is going to come up with beliefs and thoughts that will challenge you to feel as though what it is presenting is your higher guidance. Sometimes we can trick ourselves into feeling “guided” to do something as we keep listening to the mind for too long and convincing ourselves why something must be. This is where we really have to look at what is driving our decisions in a given situation. It does take a bit of practice and the key is don’t be afraid to make “mistakes” cause there truly are no mistakes. Everything is a learning lesson for us. As always, anyone wishing for more information or assistance with topics like this can contact us for assistance. We offer assistance, in person, by email or Skype. Please email us at The demand for Collective Evolution's content is bigger than ever, except ad agencies and social media keep cutting our revenues. This is making it hard for us to continue. In order to stay truly independent, we need your help. We are not going to put up paywalls on this website, as we want to get our info out far and wide. .

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