Media and Education
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Media and Education

We have been told that the state of our world is purely the result of our inherent human nature, and that nothing will ever change the way we operate on earth.
Media and Education

Some even say we are born ill intended, and learn the “good values” through stringent parental, educational or religious discipline. Even though this version of the story has been adopted and repeated by many, we are going to take the road less travelled. Instead of qualifying our true nature as predetermined and unchangeable, could it be that the current state of humanity is the result of a second nature? By definition, a “second nature” is an acquired behaviour that has been so long practiced to the point where it seems innate. It is a conditioning of consciousness, rather than a fundamental characteristic of consciousness. Considering the fact that humanity’s consciousness has been externally influenced and led for a very long time, shouldn’t this lead us to question how much of our behaviours and aspirations are actually ours? Without a doubt, our society is programmed to sell us on competing belief systems, political views, brands and products, and the list could go on forever. After all, maintaining the trend of such mindsets is what is profitable to the system. Whether it is a president that promises national security, a deity that promises heaven, a cream that promises beauty, a substance that promises relief, a car that promises attention, a career that promises prestige, or a luxurious lifestyle that promises eternal happiness, this system is an expert at creating billions of needs only to sell us on ideas and products that promises to satisfy them. This is accomplished mostly through the mainstream media, which has proved itself efficient in implementing a set of belief systems and mindsets that either keep the mind distracted or encourage people’s trust and dependency to the infrastructure. TV shows, movies, magazines, the news, education, or organised religion all tend to either implement a sense of patriotism, materialism, idolism, conformism, or any compliant mindset that seem to fit the bill of an authority figure. This constant external leadership and media influence has made us accustom to the concept that birth, education, career, consumerism, taxpaying, debt management, retirement and death, are the primary guidelines of our human experience. Instead of leaving this automated cycle unquestioned, let’s finally question it. Why is it this way, and most importantly, what for? Does the belief that this is all there is to life feel like an absolute truth? “The bottom line is that the government is getting what they ordered.

They do not want your children to be educated.

They do not want you to think too much. That is why our country and our world has become so proliferated with entertainments, mass media, television shows, amusement parks, drugs, alcohol, and every kind of entertainment to keep the human mind entertained, so that you don’t get in the way of important people by doing too much thinking. You better wake up and understand that there are people who are guiding your life and you don’t even know it.” – Jordan Maxwell The thought that the ones in power may not have the benefit of the whole at heart have been highly ridiculed. And so are the whistleblowers, experts or ex-government officials/employees sharing such information.

The word conspiracy has even been paired with “theory”, because people in general have better things to do than to research information that is being labeled as “theoretical”, right? The simple question we should ask ourselves in order to break the cycle of dismissing alternative information is: why would authority give any credibility to those who question and challenge authority? Indeed, promoting information that would enlighten the mass and jeopardize your power and control wouldn’t be a very smart strategy. Hence, why the bankers, who are pulling the strings on our governments, also spread their influence through the five massive and integrated corporations that dominate most of the mainstream media. These five huge corporations are Time Warner, Disney, Murdoch’s Corporation, Bertelsmann of Germany and Viacom.

They own most of the newspapers, magazines, books, radio and television stations, and movie studios of the United States.

The agenda behind this concentration of media ownership is simply to control and regulate the information that is being spread on a mass scale. Ultimately implementing a set of belief systems and mindsets that will either distract the mind from ever questioning the state of the world, or support the ways of our system. “(...) The ones who have access to the media, including the intellectual journals, and who essentially control the educational apparatus, should properly be referred to as a class of ‘commissars.’ That’s their essential function: to design, propagate and create a system of doctrines and beliefs which will undermine independent thought and prevent understanding and analysis of institutional structures and their functions.” – Noam Chomsky; Chronicles of Dissent (quoted by Jim Keith) It is mostly through this constant exposure to the mainstream media, and an overflow of mind-numbing entertainment, that we have been gradually trained to think and respond in a certain way, without ever questioning the powers that be. Whether it is TV shows, movies, magazines, the news, education, or organised religion, all are mostly designed to either implement a sense of patriotism, materialism, idolism, conformism, or any compliant mindset or belief that fits the bill of a ruling class. This ruling class does not only hold the authority to regulate all that we read, see and hear when it comes to mainstream information, but is also in charge of the education system; a system shaped into the image and interests of industrialism.

The Education System “That erroneous assumption is to the effect that the aim of public education is to fill the young of the species with knowledge and awaken their intelligence, and so make them fit to discharge the duties of citizenship in an enlightened and independent manner. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The aim of public education is not to spread enlightenment at all; it is simply to reduce as many individuals as possible to the same safe level, to breed and train a standardized citizenry, to put down dissent and originality. That is its aim in the United States, whatever the pretensions of politicians, pedagogues and other such mountebanks, and that is its aim everywhere else.” – H.L Mencken From a very early age, children are being taken from their most pure, open, and creative state of being, and they are put into a regulated institution where they are shown how to conform along the rules of a society, what they need to know in order to get a degree, what it means to be “intelligent”, and what an ideal career is. Education, which was once meant to be a resource for enlightenment and further expansion, has been turned into a regulating factory. Everyone, despite his or her uniqueness, is expected to consistently perform through standardized testing. Whenever they don’t, it is seen as a “failure”. “Between these cinderblock walls, we are all expected to be the same. We are trained to ace every standardized test, and those who deviate and see light through a different lens are worthless to the scheme of public education, and therefore viewed with contempt.” – Erica Goldson Standardization has become such a priority, that the moment a student diverges from this norm, or loses interest in regards to this academic version of reality, it is being labeled as ADHD, and is often prescribed medication. To put it simply, the unique and natural state of a human being isn’t good enough. If it takes brain altering drugs to make an unique individual more compliant to the rules, then the education system is all for it. “An aesthetic experience is one in which your senses are operating at their peak, when you are present in the current moment, when you are resonating with the excitement of this thing you’re experiencing, when you are fully alive. “Anaesthetic” is when you shut your senses off and deaden yourself to what is happening. And a lot of these drugs are that. We are getting our children through education by anaesthetizing them. And I think we should be doing the exact opposite. We shouldn’t be putting them asleep, we should be waking them up to what they have inside of themselves.” – Sir Ken Robinson We are basically being trained to memorize information, and regurgitate it over and over again on a piece of paper, on which the mark obtained determines our worth. It matters not if an individual feels no interest or passion along the lines of this protocol, for it is the one and only way to obtain a diploma -which, again, is a piece of paper that makes us worthy. Worthy as what? Worthy as compliant citizens. “... I contest that I am a human being, a thinker, an adventurer – not a worker. A worker is someone who is trapped within repetition – a slave of the system set up before him.” – Erica Goldson Human beings are essentially being labeled as either “successful” or “non-successful”, “academic” or “non-academic”, depending on the process and success rate of their conditioning. As a result, the unique potential within each and everyone of us is being suppressed to fit the bill of this particular industrialist vision. We are being taught the basics of language and logic, yet our minds become saturated with the obsession of getting “good grades”, as opposed to thinking for oneself, attaining true knowledge and expanding ones awareness. “Since the advent of “progressive education”, schools have not been intended to educate, but simply to regiment.” – Jim Keith; Mass Control: Engineering Human Consciousness It is simply a matter of observing the world and how it operates, to consequently realize how the educational system is not aimed at expanding our consciousness, but is rather shrinking it to the one of the industrialist system it supports. As a result, we find ourselves abiding to the same standards over and over again, without ever expanding our awareness beyond what our system stands for. While we should be learning about the scientists and physicists trying to spread awareness about potent and non-polluting free energy technologies, we are being taught that we have no other alternatives than oil, for the sake of protecting an oil-based economy. While we should be learning about these patients having been cured from cancer with alternative and safe treatments, we meanwhile are trained to laugh at such information, continually treat it with the same dangerous procedures, and perpetually raise money for cancer research funds. While we should be encouraged to think for oneself, do our own research, question the world we live in, and be a pioneer of change, we are instead being told what to think, we are being told where to research, we are being told to support the system, and we are expected to conform rather than to ignite change. While we should be uniting as one in order to create a more harmonious world together, we rely on dictatorship, remain separated, and are encouraged to live our lives as working citizens, with the main priority of making enough money to survive. “And now here I am in a world guided by fear, a world suppressing the uniqueness that lies inside each of us, a world where we can either acquiesce to the inhuman nonsense of corporatism and materialism or insist on change. We are not enlivened by an educational system that clandestinely sets us up for jobs that could be automated, for work that need not be done, for enslavement without fervency for meaningful achievement. We have no choices in life when money is our motivational force. Our motivational force ought to be passion, but this is lost from the moment we step into a system that trains us, rather than inspires us. We are more than robotic bookshelves, conditioned to blurt out facts we were taught in school. We are all very special, every human on this planet is so special, so aren’t we all deserving of something better, of using our minds for innovation rather than memorization, for creativity rather than futile activity, for rumination rather than stagnation? We are not here to get a degree, to then get a job, so we can consume industry-approved placation after placation.

There is more, and more still.” – Erica Goldson Elina .

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