Meteorite Rocks Russia’s Urals Region
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Meteorite Rocks Russia’s Urals Region

Russia’s Urals region was rocked by a meteorite explosion in the stratosphere this morning..
Meteorite Rocks Russia’s Urals Region

The resulting impact wave damaged several buildings, and broke thousands of windows. It is believed that 1200+ people have been injured as a result. Of those injured 110 have been hospitalized and two of them are in more serious condition.

There have been several pieces of debris and large craters found in the Urals region. Two pieces were found in an area near Chebarkul Lake, west of Chelyabinsk.

The third site was found some 80 kilometers further to the northwest, near the town of Zlatoust. One of the fragments that struck near Chebarkul left a crater six meters in diameter. .

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