Military Helicopters Constantly Seen Over Crop Circles
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Military Helicopters Constantly Seen Over Crop Circles

UFOs seem to be on the minds of many these days.With sightings increasing all over the world, it has become impossible for governments to ignore this phenomenon.
Military Helicopters Constantly Seen Over Crop Circles

. Before the masses started to ask questions, governments, three letter and military agencies had programs in place that studied the UFO phenomenon, and still do. This isn’t a secret anymore, dozens of governments worldwide have released previously classified UFO files, and three letter agencies have followed suit. Here is a file released by the NSA, it shows that UFOs are constantly tracked on radar and military jets are scrambled to take a closer look. (1) Collective Evolution has covered UFOs in depth, and if you are interested in the subject, maybe the articles below can help you further your research if you have more questions, just click on the title.

These are a few of our articles on UFOs and Extraterrestrials, if you would like to read more you can browse through our alternative news, multimedia, and science/technology sections for more! Click title to view related articles: National Security Agency (NSA) Releases UFO files UFOs Deactivate Nuclear Missiles Around The World Senior Federal Aviation Administration Official Blows Whistle On UFOs UFO Myth #1: “UFOs Do Not Exist” Former Canadian Defense Minister Blows Whistle On UFOs Princeton Physics Professor and NASA Astronaut Blows Whistle On UFOs One topic of interest within the UFO community is the subject of crop circles. Crop circles have been appearing for decades, and seem to be increasing as we move through 2013 and beyond. Many of them are clearly the work of pranksters, but an alarming number of them are so intricate and complicated that it is hard to imagine how anybody could possibly create them. Not to mention the fact that military helicopters are constantly showing up to check them out as well. Electronic equipment is often affected when examining crop circles, and radioactive isotopes are constantly found in the soil. Much of the area around crop circles are also littered with magnetic particles, and the crops laid down to create the images are often electrostatically charged. So, why do governments have programs that examine the UFO phenomenon? Why are they constantly seen over crop circles? Below are a couple of documentary and documentary clips that discuss the crop circle phenomenon. .

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