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Moon Magic: Leo New Moon

New Moons are the perfect opportunity to initiate new ideas and intentions into the world! During this time we take action to nourish our mind and body we create fertile ground for new seeds to grow.

Moon Magic: Leo New Moon

The energy of a new moon is Yang centered; it is a time of action, movement, and initiation to aid in the process of manifestation. This bold Leo New Moon on Thursday, July 28th will give us the fire needed to spark and ignite our hobbies into careers! Leo is a masculine, fire, and fixed element that loves to live life from the heart. Leo energy embodies joy, creative expression, friendship, and of course love! Leos are the lovers and big romantics, along with Libra. Leo offers a playful touch, with boldness and confidence to match.

The goal of Leo energy is to inspire others through its courage, strength, and ability to shine. Leo is ruled by the sun so taking lead and moving with power is important. Unlike Cancer season, where we might have taken more downtime to ponder and rest, Leo season is asking us to move. The sun, moon, and planet Mercury will all be in the sign of Leo, adding more energy to the mix. It’s a great time to be mindful of how we are communicating and expressing our bold truth. Leo energy is fiery, and can sometimes ruffle feathers. Another great thing about this new moon is it will trine Jupiter which is Aries. This is a gatewayed opportunity for unexpected blessings and connections. This new moon is masculine so that means it’s a moment to act and assert ourselves forward with confidence. Step into your light, and inspire others to do the same. New Moons are generally good times to start new things, but especially for a Leo New Moon. Your Weekly Dose Of Wellness Receive the latest savings, events, herbal education and 10% Off your first purchase. Leo energy represents hobbies, recreation, and interests. Now is a good time to get back into those activities that bring us joy! Leo reminds us to have fun and take care of our inner child. Once we are able to nurture our inner child then we can move through life with more confidence and self-respect. Allow yourself to shine. Leo energy is also about leadership and courage. Start to think about where you can take on new positions of leadership and authority in your life? As well as also finding time for play. All in all, this is a great moon to have fun and move confidently through the final stages of summer. Where bright bold colors! Stnad out and let people know you’re there. Don’t be afraid to claim the spotlight for once. Spend time with friends, see a show, or even go out dancing- move your body! Crystals and colors that encourage Leo energy are yellow, orange, tiger’s eye, yellow citrine, and carnelian! Show off and enjoy the rest of your summer ~Happy New Moon Sade believes in optimum self-love and care and continues to explore these ideas through holistic healing, creative expression, and astrology. As a Yoga and Meditation teacher her goal is to guide students back to themselves; where they can cultivate a deeper connection to their mind, body, and spirit. Her vinyasa classes encourage students to discover new depths and opportunities to grow physically and spiritually. She enjoys challenging students to reach beyond their self-limiting beliefs and reach their highest potential. All levels are welcome.

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