Moon Magic: Scorpio Full Moon Lunar Eclipse
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Moon Magic: Scorpio Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

In case you thought Eclipse season was over, we have a powerful Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Scorpio shaking things up on May 15th.
Moon Magic: Scorpio Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

This Lunar Eclipse will follow the same theme that arrived during the Solar Eclipse in Taurus on April 30th. A Lunar eclipse takes place when the Sun and collective North Node are opposite of the Moon. In this case, the Sun will be in Taurus, and the Moon will be in Scorpio. If we remember from two weeks ago we had a major Solar Eclipse in the sign of Taurus ruling our drive and determination to put ourselves first and attract the resources that we need in order to live the life that we want. Now the Lunar eclipse is asking us to let go of outdated beliefs and value systems that are blocking us from obtaining our goals. Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Pluto and is a feminine fixed sign. It rules the human psyche, along with death and transformation. At its highest vibration, Scorpio rules alchemy, transcendence, and deep psychological healing. At its lowest vibration, Scorpio rules the darker aspects of the human psyche such as hidden secrets, mysticism, addictions, and obsessions. When we tap into the healing power of Scorpio we are able to turn our deepest fears and trauma into our superpowers and gift to the world. What habits have you been hiding and holding onto that are hindering you from moving forward and developing into your power? This Full Moon is asking you to get rid of fears and habits on a psychological level.

The challenging thing about this aspect is Scorpio and Taurus are both fixed signs that do not like change, however with the intensity of both energies opposing each other, expect internal stress and discord if you refuse to surrender to the power of Scorpio. Since Scorpio rules secrets, honesty is the theme for this Lunar Eclipse.

The moon will shed light on topics and information we have been trying to avoid, but can no longer tolerate. This full moon will shed light on our mental blind spots that have been holding us captive. Taurus rules values and beliefs, and Scorpio rules destruction and power. Something that we might have valued in the past is no longer surviving our greatest good, and if we refuse to let it go it can harm us in some way -whether emotionally, spiritually, or physically. Both Scorpio and Taurus also rule relationships and intimacy so this can be a time of deep healing in partnerships where the truth comes to the surface, or the complete opposite, where two parties will need to sever ties. Your Weekly Dose Of Wellness Receive the latest savings, events, herbal education and 10% Off your first purchase. There is so much space for healing, and surrendering with this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. Scorpio leaves nothing on the table and brings the darkness to light. Use the intensity of this moon to alchemize what is no longer needed, and rebirth yourself into a stronger version of YOU. It’s only from the ashes that the phoenix can rise. The energy from this Eclipse will last until our second Lunar Eclipse during Scorpio season. Mercury will also be retrograding during this time, so now is the time to – re-evaluate, revise and re-do! Scorpio rules occult sciences so this is a great time to dabble in spiritual practices such as tarot, astrology, numerology, etc. Great crystals to incorporate are: Obsidian, Bloodstone, and Clear Quartz to name a few.

These can protect, ground, and cleanse your energy through change and transformation. And lastly, CRY, this is a moon of letting go, tears are great ways to release energy out of our body that we no longer need, and can cleanse our heart as we rebirth ourselves into a new. Happy Lunar Eclipse Sade believes in optimum self-love and care and continues to explore these ideas through holistic healing, creative expression, and astrology. As a Yoga and Meditation teacher her goal is to guide students back to themselves; where they can cultivate a deeper connection to their mind, body, and spirit. Her vinyasa classes encourage students to discover new depths and opportunities to grow physically and spiritually. She enjoys challenging students to reach beyond their self-limiting beliefs and reach their highest potential. All levels are welcome.

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