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Moral Degradation of Society Begins With the Moral Degradation of The Individual

For, behold, the lord cometh forth out of His place to visit upon the inhabitants of the earth their iniquity; the earth also shall disclose her blood, and shall no more cover her slain

Moral Degradation of Society Begins With the Moral Degradation of The Individual

A small percentage of society has been astonishingly testifying the cruel and violent manipulation of social opinion. It is close to sad the fact to see how the minds of our social fellows are easily malleable, easily shifted from side to side. Their heads move no differently than the way a dog follows the owner wood-stick while playing, no differently than a donkey follows the carrot.

The media, nowadays full of propaganda means, whose news aren't news but a bunch of false claims, lays and misinformation, actually, pure informational crap, is still able of setting the tone, leading the baseless individuals, who are lately showing off their low IQ nature, simplistic (somewhat binary) understanding and extremely selfish and self comforting brain activity.

The following video greatly represents, from the hand of two personalities, Mark Crispin Miller and Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, who have been actively leading with their expertise vasts groups of readers/followers, adding some light to the incredible darkness shading the minds of so many individuals.

We strongly agree with following quote, which is more than respected and absolutely not a lack of respect but the description of the widely degenerated reality we all live in these days.

What's astonishing to me, is how stupid humanity it is.
How easy it is to manipulate thoughts of people... its like freaking dogs.

You just leave them wherever you want [...]
So my advise to whoever is "Stop being an idiot!" You are letting this happen, you are being sold lies, drinking those lies and then spreading them.

Stop it!

Dr. V. Zelenko

We hope you have some time to watch the 1 hour length video, and why not, have a closer look to the other videos from these series hosted by Dr. Zelenko. You could find more at the Lowell Joseph Galling Substack.

Good to see you.


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