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Nanoparticle Contamination Cover Up, Tons of Metal Nanoparticles And Graphene Oxide Are Being Sprayed Worldwide

A must view report from a top scientist covering the climate engineering nano particle pollution of our air, water, soils and food supply.

Nanoparticle Contamination Cover Up, Tons of Metal Nanoparticles And Graphene Oxide Are Being Sprayed Worldwide
Nasty geo-engineering sunset, air contamination with chemical spraying

Dan Wigington interviews a PhD Whistleblower. Millions of Tons of toxic nano particles are being sprayed on the population worldwide. Many people have been warning about this toxic contamination of our entire biosphere with thin nano particle metals, how this is part of the transhumanist control and depopulation agenda. Ana Mihalcea has shown urine metals tests after EDTA chelation from her patients that prove humans are being contaminated with these toxic metals to an extreme degree.

The analysis by this anonymous scientist confirms the catastrophic toxic environmental effects we are exposed to, simply by breathing the air.

Please watch and share the following video:

The scientists did testing and collected rain samples in the mid west, over 500 samples. They were tested for Aluminum, Barium, Strontium and other nano metals. Based on the calculation extrapolation to the entire planet, 40 Millions tons of Aluminum, Barium, Strontium is being sprayed annually around the planet over land masses. This has catastrophic consequences. Aluminum concentrations and pH in California soil for example, have significantly increased. Plants can uptake the Aluminum, which has high toxicity. It accumulates in soil and plants. This is all happening on a nano scale. The entire plant is covered with the nano metals and nano particle Aluminum enters inside the plant tissue. Larger plants, like trees, can slow down the nutrient uptake, causing slow protracted death. Humans who ingest the plants then bio accumulate these extremely toxic nanoparticles in their body, causing accelerated aging, disease, and premature death.

The nutrient load of all foods have gone down significantly worldwide. We have to consume more food to get the same amount of nutrition, because the Aluminum toxicity decreases nutrient uptake. Plants and microbes suffer from this poisoning, and the soil becomes less fertile. Even cattle and animals that are being fed these nutrient deficient plants, have less nutrient density. This is how humans end up with lower nutrients and worsening health. It is a cascading effect.

The GMO crops grow faster but contain half the nutrition. Barium and Strontium also can have very negative effects. 40 Million tons over the entire planet are being sprayed but no environmental agency is even looking for them. These elements are synergistically toxic - meaning their combination has exponential increase in toxicity by a factor of 10000 times worse when combining for example Aluminum and Mercury. Monsanto has created Aluminum resistant plants due to the extreme spraying. People say they do not see the limited growth - because they are looking at crops that are more tolerant by having been genetically engineered to tolerate the toxicity. But there is still the nutrient density loss and increased toxic bio accumulation for humans. Nano Size Graphene Oxide is showing up in the samples they collected and it is being sprayed routinely on humanity now. There could be larger particles over 0.2 micron, that this group did not look for, so the amount of toxic material could even exceed the 40 million tons per year. Graphene oxide is present in rainwater - the amount of problems with this toxic material for human health is significant.

For those who are not aware of the toxic mechanisms of Graphene, please see this review article:

Toxicity of graphene-family nanoparticles: a general review of the origins and mechanisms

Read the full article at the original website.


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