Natural? HAARP? Doesn’t Matter. Japan Quake Collectively Created

As most know by now, Japan was subject to an earthquake of 8.9 magnitude on March 11th 2011.

As a result of the quake, a tsunami then began to take over the shores of Japan and pushed water inland causing quite the amount of destruction.

The subject of this post is not so much on the destruction caused but more so how and why this played out.

There are quite a few theories out there at this time discussing what caused the quake in the first place etc.

Theories include HAARP, Solar or Lunar activity and simply a natural earthquake. I think at this time we have to realize one thing, it doesn’t matter all that much how it was caused on this level. At the end of the day humanity collectively creates the experiences on the planet and given the times we are experiencing right now, we are agreeing, as souls, to have certain experiences to assist in kicking our butts out of the sleep we are in. It is also important to remember there are no unjust acts or victims here.

There are no victims in any case as we are here playing the roles we chose to play and experiencing what we choose to experience at the soul level for our own growth and for the growth of the collective. No judgment attached to any experience. Its important to realize that this is simply another event that happened on the planet that is part of the shift we are experiencing. Whether we view it as chaotic or an unfortunate event, it simply is what it is. Our collective consciousness is in a state where we are creating these types of experiences as we are trying to show ourselves something.

The world is an external reflection of what we need to realize and shift about our experience here. Upon reading this there may be several different reactions to this message. I wanted to share it simply as a reminder to stay detached regardless of the situation we are in or what is playing out. Sometimes we can have a great understanding of the fact that we are souls playing roles and what plays out here it’s just an experience, but when something happens we quickly forget and get engaged in the judgment of the experiences. Understanding is one thing, the wisdom comes in living it. Of course, there is also nothing wrong in getting wrapped up in the emotional or judgmental side of things either, its simply an experience as well. But many are beginning to realize now that we are moving beyond that mentally engaged way of experiencing and we are beginning to look at things for what they are. Much Love Joe .

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