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Natural Masking as a Way of Life

Here I go with the mask thing again, sorry, but a strange thing is happening with this around the world.

Natural Masking as a Way of Life

It seems that wearing a mask is slowly becoming a sort of natural expectation.

At first, it is showing up arbitrarily, for no particular reason. Maybe people wake up one morning and just say to themselves, “seems like a good day to wear the ol’ face diaper.” Or maybe it is a cold day, and the mask acts like earmuffs for the face. Or maybe, for some people, wearing a decorated mask becomes a fashion statement or a way to show the world who your favourite hockey team is (if their logo is blazoned onto the mask).

The agenda is of course getting on board by mandating masks here and there for special reasons, ironically few having anything to do with public health—directly at least. Health of course will always be the “silent purpose” behind mask-wearing, but I am willing to bet in a few years no one will even know the original reason people started wearing them.

Isn’t that the whole point?

Mask-wearing will become as ubiquitous, and natural, as a man wearing a tie when dressing up. Where do ties come from? And who in hell thought of such a ridiculous thing? But it is now a natural, and unspoken, part of the cultural landscape. All men wear ties. All people will one day wear masks. Not quite yet but getting there.

We can see the twisted psychology of conformity and idiocy come to play accounting for the reasons people may wear them. Conformity and idiocy are two human traits that account for quite a bit of human behaviour. But what reason would the agenda have for wanting to create a natural obsession with mask-wearing?

Lots of reasons.

I don’t know if I even need to touch on this, but I will a bit. Wearing any sort of mark of obedience is a goal of the higher powers. But if people don’t even know that is what they are doing—showing allegiance to their rulers—then does it serve that purpose? Maybe the elite simply enjoy seeing their serfs in masks, maybe it makes them feel superior.

Maybe it shows a level of complacency and conformity that guarantees when a “true” disaster befalls us, people will fall into line quicker without much thought—as if there ever was any sort of problem with people thinking too much. Of course, the “true” disaster is anything but “true.”

Or maybe, from the agenda’s perspective, it is like military drill training, i.e., snap the whip to keep people in line and any time the whip is snapped, people will quickly fall in that line. Take for example the recent whip snapping in St. Petersburg, Russia. The “chief sanitary” doctor there, Natalia Bashketova, has signed a resolution that mandates mask-wearing during large cultural events.

Heads of all organizations and institutions, regardless of their form of ownership, when organizing and holding mass New Year[’s], sports, and cultural events, must ensure: the use of personal respiratory protection equipment (masks) by employees of organizations and institutions.”
Lifted from Edward Slavsquat’s excellent substack

Seems odd at the least. But when masks have become commonplace, for the reasons listed above, then of course such whip-snapping will be very effective. Just pull out the ol’ mask whenever someone of authority says to pull it out. Don’t give it a second thought. Wrap it around your face just as you would pull on a pair of socks. “This is a formal business affair, make sure you wear a tie.

Oh, ok, sure, no problem. And get that mask out as well.” Of course, the tie analogy falls apart if given any scrutiny. Ties are indeed symbols of obedience, but only obedience to tradition and civilized society, not to a government or a totalitarian regime. Masks are.

Soon any time someone ventures into the public arena, a mask will be required. Certainly not for health reasons, but primarily just because—well, everyone else is wearing one, right? If anyone cares to actually think about it, public safety might come to mind. Even though there is no scientific reasoning behind it, people will invariably believe that their environment is unsafe, other people around them are unsafe, and if they are decent human beings, they will consider themselves unsafe to other humans around them. As much as the powers that be want you to think so, you do not live in a biologically toxic world. And even if you did, a homemade face scarf isn’t going to protect you from anything other than dust—and even that is a dicey supposition.

If left to social evolution, mask wearing would probably have a limited life, much like pet rocks or lace collars on men. Fads come and go. Humans don’t stick with one thing for very long (except maybe ties). People will tire of the mask, no matter how beautiful they may look with one on. But the agenda will not let that happen. Masks are important to the agenda for a variety of reasons, and more than likely, masks will stay.

I could be wrong here, because there are things that could replace them, but as long as they are using unseen viral marauders as one of their weapons against humanity, masks will always be around. And, as I say here, even when the original reason for their being is long out of the collective consciousness (i.e., no clear health purpose in wearing them) the agenda will still want to have their use at their disposal.

Psychologically, masks are demeaning. They restrict facial expression, thus causing us to easily become less and less human. They are a good social marker—good people wear masks, bad people do not. They can accelerate disease and poor health. They are a symbol of unity for a common cause of mindless humans rallying around the flag of global fascism. Although masks may hold less pragmatic purpose than they may be worth, the psychological power their compliance holds is immeasurable.

As the agenda proclaims: all hail the mask. Mask yourself from the very act of breathing, of taking in nature, and of participating in humankind’s natural connection with others around you. Masks limit your communication as an autonomous being, it limits essential, unconscious, communication with children, and with everyone you come in contact with. It is the first step in wiping out your spiritual identity and wiping out your connection with nature itself.

All hail the mask, they are here to stay.


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