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Netherlands Land Grab: Dutch farmers prepare for a battle

Despite the election results and the outrage, the Dutch government is pushing ahead with its plans to destroy Netherlands’ agricultural sector.

Netherlands Land Grab: Dutch farmers prepare for a battle

So, on Monday, the chairman of the Farmers Defence Force, Mark van den Oever, called on Dutch farmers to “prepare for battle.”

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In a video posted yesterday, van den Oever briefly explained the latest regarding the negotiations between the Dutch government and the farmers. He then said:

“Before Ascension Day, Minister [Piet] Adema wants to push through the agricultural agreement. We have heard from those who have read it that it is terrible. They don’t even dare to make it public as a concept. But it is certainly disastrous for the agricultural sector.

“We will [ ] stop this agriculture/nature agreement.

“Adema, until now you have always been in the lee, but one thing I will promise you:  If you think you’re going to push this through, you’re going to get a full-frontal wind.  And not a gentle breeze, but a hard South-Eastern storm.

“Folks, get ready … Prepare for battle.”

On 26 April, Climate and energy minister Jetten announced additional measures to achieve the climate targets in 2030.  “An additional contribution is requested from all sectors. The measures provide for an additional emission reduction of approximately 22 megatons, which means that the target of 55%-60% less CO2 emissions are expected to be met in 2030 compared to 1990,” the announcement said.

Earlier this month, based on the ideology of the European Union’s Green Deal, the European Commission approved two Dutch government plans worth a combined 1.47 billion euros (or £1.30 billion) to reduce emissions.  The scheme is directed towards livestock farmers.

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At a plenary debate in the European Parliament last Wednesday, MEP Rob Roos (Netherlands), spoke against the EU’s “Great Food Reset” policy, which is leading to harrowing scenes in the Netherlands. Mr. Roos called for an end to the Nature Restoration Act and the 2030 Agenda, which will destroy farmers for the ideal of a CO2-free utopia.

“[If left] to the EU and the UN, [farmers] will soon be a thing of the past. We are killing off our own farmers with legislation,” he said.

Read more: Dutch MEP Rob Roos Slams Globalists ‘Great Food Reset’ Policy: ‘No Farmers, No Food, No Future’, RAIR Foundation, 15 May 2023

The World Economic Forum’s Rutte

It’s not only the UN and the EU killing off Dutch farmers, it is also the World Economic Forum (“WEF”). Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte has been embedded in WEF for years, or perhaps it is the other way around and WEF has embedded itself in the Dutch government.

Speaking at Davos Agenda Week 2021 during a session sinisterly titled ‘Transforming Food Systems and Land UseRutte said:

“I’d like to highlight a World Economic Forum initiative … the World Economic Forum Food Innovation Hubs.  And these hubs in Africa and in Asia, in South America and in Europe will allow businesses to connect to regional stakeholders to scale innovations … that can address challenges food systems challenges.

“I am particularly proud to announce that the Netherlands will be hosting the global secretariat of the World Economic Forum Food Innovation Hubs.”

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To demonstrate that “transforming” food and land use equates first and foremost to an orchestrated attack on farmers, we refer to a document published by WEF more than a year after Rutte’s Davos speech. In April 2022, in collaboration with Deloitte and NTT Data, WEF published a paper titled ‘Transforming Food Systems with Farmers: A Pathway for the EU’.

“The EU is waking up to the importance of reshaping its food systems, recognising the critical role of these systems in achieving the Green Deal and a sustainable future,” the paper highlighted in its foreword.  WEF then goes into a direct attack on farmers in the opening statement of its Executive Summary: “In the European Union (EU), agriculture systems generate 10% of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and are a leading cause of biodiversity loss and freshwater consumption.”

Sky News Australia, as with many others, has identified Rutte as WEF’s man. Last year, Sky News Australia highlighted Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Mark Rutte as Klaus Schwab’s “golden pin-up boys.”  

“Somewhere else that seems to be sliding into dictatorship is Holland,” Sky News‘ Rowan Dean said.  “The similarities between Canada and Holland are as startling as they are disturbing … [The two prime ministers] both are of course golden pinup boys for Klaus Schwab and the globalist fantasists of the World Economic Forum … Only a few months ago [ ] the Canadian government [ ] attacked its own citizens … currently the Dutch government is embarked upon insane efforts to slash greenhouse gases … and this means literally turfing people off their farms.  I guess that’s one way to ‘transform land use and food systems’.”

Accusations of Rutte being a WEF man are not without foundation. In early 2021, Dutch MP Thierry Baudet submitted written questions to Rutte requesting all documents relating to ‘Build Back Better’. Buried in Rutte’s response was a letter to WEF’s Klaus Schwab thanking him for a copy of the book ‘Covid-19: The Great Reset’. “Your book provides us a … hopeful analysis for a better future,” Rutte wrote.

“Rutte probably thought we hadn’t found it,” tweeted MP Gideon van Meijeren after challenging Rutte about his links to Klaus Schwab, WEF and The Great Reset.

In the first speech he made in the Dutch Parliament in July 2021, Mr. Meijeren confronted Rutte about his connections with Schwab.  Rutte lied and then squirmed as Mr. Meijeren pointed out he had lied.  Things got worse for Rutte as Meijeren suggested he write another letter to Schwab to correct the lie in his previous letter when he told Schwab that The Great Reset provided hope for “a better future.”

Featured image: Mark van den Oever, Farmers Defence Force (left), Minister of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality Piet Adema (right)

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