New, Accurate Testing for Lyme Disease
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New, Accurate Testing for Lyme Disease

In a study conducted earlier this year by Eva Sapi, a new Lyme Culture Test was proven to be accurate [1].
New, Accurate Testing for Lyme Disease

Alleged results have been validated and reviewed by ‘The International Journal of Medical Sciences’, and the lab is CLIA certified [2]. In the event that a physician tells you otherwise, and says the test is not accurate, you may print out the study ( and take it in your appointment with you to show to your physician. While all this is great news, wide use of the test is at stake, as there is still one large challenge to overcome: Getting the state and CDC to accept this test as an acceptable diagnostic for Lyme disease. Regardless of all that drama, according to a newsletter sent out from the Texas Lyme Disease association, there still remains a way for you to get tested as of now.

There is a new business called “Any Lab Test Now,” visit them online ( to find the closest lab in your area. You can have any lab test done that you wish –hence, the name. However, “Any Lab Test Now” does not work through insurance, but you may send your provider an invoice and potentially get some of your money back.

The Western Blot for IgG and IgM antibodies runs around one hundred and eighty-nine dollars. Also, they will draw blood for Igenix testing and send it Fed Ex to the Igenix lab for you. Various other tests are available that may be of interest to you, starting at forty-nine dollars. So, give your local lab a call. References .

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