New Moon In Leo: Love & Passion
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New Moon In Leo: Love & Passion

We are having a New Moon in Leo on July 31st-August 1st, depending on where you are located in the world.
New Moon In Leo: Love & Passion

It is initiating a 29.5-day Lunar cycle and a new wave of energy for the coming month; however, the astrological configurations mentioned in this article will be more prominent over the following two weeks. This cycle will include a Full Moon in Aquarius on August 15th. Mercury ends its retrograde less than an hour after the exact time of this New Moon, although this period when it changes motion can still feel like a retrograde via complications and/or by receiving important insights. As Mercury slowly picks up speed over the following days and into the next two weeks, there will be more of a forward momentum connected to some of the issues, insights, or other developments that have come up in the month prior. This Moon cycle also follows Eclipse season so keep in mind that the energies of the previous eclipses are still influencing this period and the coming months, although for many people they could have been felt more strongly during July. You can read more about the previous Eclipses and Mercury Retrograde here. We have been in Leo season since July 22nd/23rd; however, this New Moon will bring forth its energy even more so. As a Fire sign, it is associated with passion, instinct, inspiration, assertiveness, courage, confidence, and spirit. In its positive expression, Leo is about heart centredness, creativity, affection, generosity, influence, and shining authentically. It is the performer, the leader and the creator, and it seeks to find joy in expressing itself in those ways. It is about vitality and also rules children, fun, and romance. Expressed negatively, Leo energy can also be egotistical, conceited, dramatic, overbearing, and demanding of attention or respect. This New Moon is next to Venus, which is in a tight trine to Chiron and square to Uranus and is strongest from July 31st to August 2nd. This can reflect healing energy around Venus themes of love, relationships, values, finances, or feminine energy. However, it can also be a period of instability, separation, surprises, or rebellion in these areas or perhaps in social situations and anything connected to fun and pleasure. This can also be a good time to make new connections or try new things that could be enjoyable for us. For some people this can reflect making aesthetic changes to something; however, we need to be cautious of not being impulsive around this or spending resources. Venus will be closely aligned with the Sun in Leo from August 10th to 17th. This is known as its ‘Superior Conjunction,’ which peaks from August 13th-14th. It is a period in which some people experience important developments connected to Venus ruled areas (love, relationships, friendships, values, finances, aesthetics). This is sort of like the beginning of a new Venus cycle in which it will be travelling ahead of the Sun until Spring 2020. However, another way to look at it is that this period can bring more clarity and forward momentum around Venus themes that have been put into place sometime between the Fall of 2018 and now. Venus last joined the Sun in late October when it was retrograde. At that time something may have been seeded that could have a direct or indirect connection to how things are playing out at this point or how you view aspects of your life pertaining to Venus. Jupiter is slowing down to end its current retrograde on August 11th, which began in April. As it changes motion, we may begin to have more clarity or experience developments around Jupiter themes that were strong in April. This can be connected to beliefs, philosophies, faith, travel, education, exploration, media, marketing, or anything that is expansive. Another thing to consider is that Venus and the Sun in Leo will be in a trine with Jupiter from August 6th to 9th as it is getting close to transitioning forward. This can trigger some of this energy, and we may also feel hopeful and optimistic at this time. For some people this period can be a bit lucky as well. From August 8th – 9th, it can be more beneficial socially, romantically, financially, or toward anything that is fun. In almost fourteen hours after Jupiter ends its retrograde, Uranus will begin its own retrograde, which will last until January. In the weeks surrounding this date, Uranus energies will be strong and can potentially shake things up in a specific area of your life.

Themes connected to freedom, liberation, originality, technology, innovation, renovation, and new experiences may come up. However, it can also be disruptive, separative, or bring forth surprises. With Mercury Retrograde ending around the same time as this New Moon, it can feel like a significant shift in energy with certain aspects of our lives beginning to move forward in a revised way. What has come up for you in the last month and what have you learned from your experiences? How should you proceed based on what has transpired? What areas of your life are calling for a more heart centred or nurturing approach? How can you better tap into your creativity or shine in your authentic self-expression? These are just some examples of what to consider or focus your intentions on at this time; however, it is good to reflect on anything else that is coming up for you. It is generally best to make any intentions within the first 24 hours following a New Moon.

The exact moment of it will be occurring at 3:12am Universal Time on the night of July 31st-August 1st. You can click here to see what that is in your time zone. — I’m extending my Sale on Astrology Readings until August 9th. Get a reading specific to your birth time to help guide you navigate the astrological energies and to better understand your personal blueprint and life’s potentials better. More informatio.

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