One Man’s Battle With Stomach Cancer & The Incredible Gesture We Can All Do To Support Him

The American Cancer Society estimates that there will be approximately 24,590 cases of stomach cancer diagnosed in 2015 and that 10,720 people will die from this cancer over that same period.

(source) Brice Royer is one of the many people currently battling this disease, but he is determined to avoid becoming a part of that second statistic, and we at Collective Evolution fully believe in him. Brice first reached out to us in March of this year to share some great content that he felt would either make for a great article or was worth sharing with our community.

The most recent one he sent surrounded his own personal story and struggle with stomach cancer. Brice’s already difficult fight has been compounded by his multiple food allergies, leaving him in the very peculiar situation where carrots seem to be the only food he can eat comfortably. Brice Royer Thanks to help from various media outlets, Brice’s story has hit the viral world in an awesome way. Using the hashtag #EatCarrotsForBrice, people from all over the world have Facebooked, Instagramed, and Tweeted pictures of themselves eating, kissing, and posing with carrots to show their support for his struggle. A true fighter, Brice refuses to give up in his battle and is more than grateful for the love and support he has already received and continues to receive. In the hopes of channelling this campaign into more than just personal support, Brice is also encouraging us all to join in and help raise awareness for food allergies. He outlines 3 simple steps in his personal blog to go along with World Allergy Week, April 13th – 19th: Do you want to join us? Can you cheer him up and eat a carrot? All pictures posted on April 19th, in addition to those already posted, will be printed by Brice’s mother and posted in his room on what he has called his Carrot Love Wall. I’m personally very happy on behalf of the entire CE team to support Brice in his battle, here is my #EatCarrotsForBrice pic that I will be posting on both my own Twitter Page and the CE Twitter Page on April 19th: Join us in supporting Brice! Please sure to also check out Brice’s blog for more details and to keep up to date on his progre.

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