Oneness = One World Government?
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Oneness = One World Government?

Oneness = One World Government?

When it comes to the New World Order/One World Government, I notice that many individuals are policing everything and everyone that speaks of “Unity”, “Togetherness”, “Connectedness”, “Oneness”, as if they would automatically be connected to the elite’s plan for a one world government. But quite frankly, this is a myth that can be easily debunked.

The science behind this claim is this: Because it is called a “one world government”, anything that relates to the word “one” = NWO AGENDA.

The truth is, there is a very big difference between a human race coming together to create a world of FREEDOM... And a single political authority bringing humanity together under its DOMINION. A consciousness of oneness has nothing to do with a form of government. It has nothing to do with a reality in which everyone is microchipped and expected to experience their lives as obedient workers. In fact, for a one world government to work, humanity would have to operate from the same state of separation in which they believe they are powerless, need to be led, and are separate from everyone and everything.

The new world order isn’t interested in us working/creating together. It is interested in numbing our unique creativity and willingness to think outside the box in order to breed and train a standardized citizenry. Oneness, on the other hand, is all about awakening our unique gifts and creativity. When coming from this state of consciousness, creating an enslaving dependency to a form of “authority” simply does not make any sense. Instead of promoting a stagnant, repetitive existence, oneness promotes an expansive existence. Oneness is all about working with each other in order to create a world that is harmonious with all beings. It is a state in which it is natural for us to think in terms of ‘what can serve or harm the WHOLE’, instead of ‘what can serve or harm ME’. It transcends our need to bicker with each other, control each other, and harm each other, simply because it see’s through the veils of separation, and understands that we are all interconnected. Differences in cultures, skin colors, and experiences are embraced, yet they no longer create segregation and judgment. We are all brothers and sisters, we are all earthlings, and we all co-create our reality together. “The time has come for you to look at things in a new way. This is the moment of your rebirth, as an individual and a society. We are All One. Everything we are doing, we are doing in concert with each other.” – Neale Donald Walsch Instead of judging information according to the words you have labeled as “dangerous”, I encourage you to take a moment to intuitively feel out the content. Your intuition isn’t the voice that screams, labels, judges and fears. It isn’t the perception that is conditioned by countless concepts and interpretations of what is there. It is the peaceful voice within you that see’s things for what they truly are, and simply knows what does and does not makes sense. “Your original unconditioned consciousness exists only in you, so going elsewhere can never give you access to your essential nature, to who you really are.” – Byron Brown Elina .

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