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Let’s take a moment to take a few deep breaths.Feel the essence of peace within your heart as you set aside all judgements you hold onto others, yourself and your past and present experience.

. What we’ve all been through on both a collective and personal level has been an incredibly rich, unique, colorful and challenging experience filled with blissful joys and painful memories. But do we still need to identify the totality of who we are with our stories and hold on to them? Emotions such as anger, fear, resentment, sadness and regret are still being held towards them for we have been caught up in duality through our ego’s judgemental perception of situations which sees itself as a victim of our experience instead of it’s creator. Truth is, every single experience, as challenging as they may seem, are being brought forth by nothing and no one else but our soul, for our soul. Forgetting our spiritual essence and being overruled by the ego is simply what our souls have chosen to explore. We have all judged ourselves and others, picked sides and criticized situations, but it is now time to open ourselves to this higher perspective and to see this earthly experience for what it is, just an experience, all for the purpose of soul evolution. To truly be the change we wish to see in this world is to let go of our ego’s dualistic perspective that is still being reflected outwards, creating a collective challenge ruled by separation and egoistical purposes rather than unity and Love which is the core essence of who we are. We are now moving through a shift in consciousness and have agreed as souls to move beyond this collective “amnesia” to create a new, more conscious and peaceful experience. Only by healing ourselves within and embodying peace can we assist in raising the vibration of our planet, therefore having a beneficial impact on the collective consciousness. This is how society’s corrupted structures will begin to collapse, as fighting corruption with ego will do nothing but slow down the process of the peaceful reality we wish to create. It does not mean that we should perceive our ego as evil or bad, for this is but another trap of judgement which reinforces inner turmoil and dense vibrations.

The ego is a lower yet highly serving level of consciousness that has simply allowed us to experience the illusion of what it is to feel separate from one another, therefore learning and growing through the friction of opposites such as right and wrong, better and worst, women and men, love and hate, allies and enemies etc.

The time has come for us to be grateful for this amazing experience and let go of how identified we have become with it. Living in unconditional Love means embracing all experiences as equal, understanding the totality of any situation and it’s lesson, dissolving the opposites and thus find Peace within. Evolving is the transcendence of duality back to it’s source of Oneness. “When the power of love will overcome the love of power, the world will know peace.” .

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