Our Greatest Creations Come From A Space of No Mind
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Our Greatest Creations Come From A Space of No Mind

As we go through our every day life we sometimes get stuck allowing our mind to use us vs simply letting the mind be a tool throughout the day..
Our Greatest Creations Come From A Space of No Mind

The mind is a great organ when you think about it. It is capable of decoding this entire reality, which is all in energetic form before the left brain turns it into what we see.

The right side allows us to tap into some creative moments and create whatever our imaginations come up with. But the left side of the brain can grab hold of us to the point where it controls us, and the right side of the brain isn’t much help in creating if we aren’t present to create. Einstein has stated that many of his “eureka” moments, his major ideas, came from a space when he was not thinking; a space where he was simply being. Many scientists, artists, engineers, or great minds have admitted that they got all of their profound ideas when they were not trying or not thinking.

They were in a space of no mind. This is when we tap into the true aspects of ourselves and unlock the capability to truly use the creativity side of our brain. So how do we get to this space of no mind? How do we get to this moment and what does it really feel like? I think it can be different for many people, but I also think that sometimes we have a bit of a misunderstanding of what being in the moment truly is. Some of us believe it is very focused, a trance like state, something where we are immersed in something we are doing.

The truth is, being in the moment is not a trance like state at all. It is not a state of being incredibly focused on one thing. It is a state of being where we are not identified with the mind. We are present and truly awake. We are aware and alert of everything around us. It is an experience where our true being is being felt and experiencing this world through the body. Being in this state changes our bodies frequency overall. It changes the way our consciousness is perceiving this reality as the mind is no longer defining and judging all of it based on it’s programming. To be clear, this is not to be misunderstood as a state of being unable to do things and complete tasks etc.

The truth is, when we are in the moment we are more creative, we complete tasks more effectively and we are able to do things much more easily as the mind is not interfering constantly. You can imagine it as being in a room with 200 people trying to read a book vs reading a book in a quiet room. In both situations you can probably read, but the quiet space is like a smooth flow where the other is broken up by stories, distractions and our attention being pulled in other places. Taking this a step further, we also step into what we truly want to be doing and not what the mind wants to be doing. When we are not in the moment we tend to allow the mind to define what we want to do. It essentially convinces us that we are it and it uses us to do what it is programmed to do. When we get to a state of no mind, our true essence comes out and we truly begin to be ourselves and do what we truly want. This is why our creativity and profound ideas come from a state of no mind, because we are opening up ourselves beyond what the mind currently knows and is limited to. We open ourselves up to infinite possibility. It is often said that many scientists are not creative people. Many analytical people for that matter as well. But this isn’t because they don’t possess that quality, it’s simply because they cannot get out of their mind. But when they have, look at the unreal creations that have come of it! Try it out for yourself. Out yourself in each moment by just paying attention to how daily action feel. When you are having a shower, when you are feeling the breeze while sitting outside. It’s not about analyzing how it feels, but more so just observing the feelings throughout and leaving the minds stories of it out of it. It takes a bit of practice, but the more you try the easier it becomes. .

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