Peace. Right Here, Right Now.
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Peace. Right Here, Right Now.

The ego mind may have hidden agendas, techniques or plans to feel better about itself.
Peace. Right Here, Right Now.

It may try and create an entire reality based on a variety of past experiences or information to make itself righteous.

The mind may want to analyze life in a way that would make it seem impossible to live without its control and protection. Yet, when the ego mind takes control, it is designed to chase and bite its own tail. It is trained to see complexity and definitions where there are none. All while picking up on every illusory detail that reinforces its reason NOT to let our true beingness in. “Your conclusions bind nobody but you.” – Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj The bottom line is, the ego mind cannot picture beingness without itself being engaged or threatened, because it does not know life without itself. It thinks it doesn’t exist. It may even portray this beingness as being impossible, unfulfilling or pointless, or create a seemingly brilliant map with a big red X as an objective, convincing you that peace of mind lies there. Yet this rationalization is no more relevant than contemplating a future that does not exist. Truth is, there is no “future peace”.

There is no future, period. Things won’t happen later, they simply manifest in every Now moment as a reflection of our own state of being. Even when it comes to “spiritual enlightenment”, it does not happen in the future or as an objective, it only seems that way to the mind. Where are you? You are here. What time is it? It is Now. Who are you? You are the infinite potentiality of this moment.

The moment you believe that stepping into your truth, allowing yourself to BE, and living in the Now is a place to get to, is a thing of the future, or requires us to wait for others, then this shall indeed be your reality. In every Now moment, you shall then believe that your true beingness will happen later in the future. But will the illusion of future come if there is only Now? This is what I mean by a mind chasing its own tail.

The mentality of needing to undergo separate steps towards inner-peace, stems from forgetting there are no such things as ‘separate steps towards’ but only ‘equal moments of Now’. It is once we get this, that we find peace. But will we “get this” later, after we take a few steps? No. We will get this at whatever Now moment we choose to surrender to. And when in the moment, you will not perceive those “steps” you played with as being the reason why you are finally at peace. You will simply smile at the stories they once created in your mind.