Positive vs. Negative
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Positive vs. Negative

As I was writing an excerpt from the book I am putting together, I felt the need to share this part as I feel it’s a great piece to share with everyone at this time.
Positive vs. Negative

It is about how we currently buy into the belief of duality and how positive and negative thought play a role in our lives. Feel free to check out the excerpt below. Share and comment as you feel inclined. Much Love Joe Positive vs. Negative I wanted to touch on this early on as it will play a role in many of the other examples moving forward. Most of us can agree that the planet has been experiencing duality for quite some time. Dark vs. light, good vs. evil, right vs. wrong and the one we are going to play with now, positive vs. negative. All of these concepts within duality have provided an experientially rich environment on the planet for a very long time allowing us to play in each of the roles on both sides of the polarity. By this point in humanity’s evolution, we all have quite the understanding of what it feels like, as souls, to play on each side. At this time however, duality does not actually exist energetically on the planet any longer. What does this mean? Simply, we are no longer collectively activating the energetic structure that creates the experiential concept of duality. It no longer needs to present itself on the planet or in the experiences we have on the planet. All that remains is the belief system for it and the memory of it existing. Since our thoughts and beliefs continue to create, we may continue to see duality take form in various events or experiences on the planet still. What does this show us? That even though we no longer need or have activated the experiential side of duality, our belief and lack of awareness towards our true selves and what is playing out on the planet is continuing to create it. This same concept can be applied to all other structures we see today that no longer need to exist. Let’s tie this in with “positive vs. negative.” Most of us are beginning to realize that our perception towards things will have an effect on the outcome of various things in our lives. If someone is perpetually having negative thoughts they will create more negative experiences, the opposite goes for positive thoughts. So individuals are now bought into the idea that in order to change things or create happiness in our lives we must think positive act positive and do positive all the time. Do you notice anything about the last statement? “...are now bought into the idea...” The power of positive thinking is simply a belief system associated towards creating happiness within our lives. Just as it is effortful and draining to be negative all the time, it is effortful and draining to be positive all the time. Why is this? Because our natural state as souls on the planet is not positive or negative, it’s neutral. As souls we view everything for what it is. From a point of neutrality with no judgment or polarity towards anything or any experience. We are at PEACE! We are not concerned with positivity or happiness simply because it isn’t real. Happiness is an emotion, its opposite is sadness. If we spent our time being positive to create happiness we would constantly be striving for it as it’s conditionally, not maintainable and requires things to be a certain way based on a belief we may have. To be at peace is to be our natural state. To strive for positivity or happiness is not who we truly are. Why would we want to fight our natural state? When we look around at what much of “new age” type books and motivational efforts are geared towards, it is about reprogramming the mind to be positive and happy. But what does this truly do? Instead of removing the old belief systems and allowing the soul to be, it is geared towards removing the old belief systems and inserting new ones that allow us to create prosperity. Which is appealing because the belief system goes; prosperity = happiness! How much time do we spend writing down our manifestations, creating goal boards, performing positive affirmations etc? Most of the time it’s a lot, I know because I once was there too. I had the belief that this is how we can create happiness. What did I realize? The only thing holding me back from true peace was the belief, energy and effort I was putting into believing that we must be positive to be “happy.” The minute I dropped the belief system and allowed things to present for what they were, I was feeling true peace. Not judging or categorizing my experiences as positive or negative but simply seeing them for what they are – experiences that I have created for myself and require for my own growth. This idea that things are positive or negative and that we must choose one or the other did not resonate with me any longer and you may be feeling exactly the same thing.

The answer to why this is happening is simple. As we are going through the shift the soul is now in charge of our growth. This means the higher, clearer aspect of who we are is in the driver seat creating the experiences we need to evolve beyond the beliefs of today. As we are all beginning to see the power of positive thinking doesn’t truly work in creating peace in our lives, it’s simply because the soul will not allow the belief system to maintain itself within the computer (our mind) any longer. It’s time to move on.

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