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Psychological warfare is used to make us submissive to their agenda

Day by day, the accumulating evidence makes it harder to cling to the naive idea that the upheavals defining our times are simply natural coincidences.

Psychological warfare is used to make us submissive to their agenda

There is a deliberate campaign to instil fear and manipulate us using psychological warfare. The goal is to strip away our ability to think, feel and act freely. To undermine individual autonomy, critical thinking and morality.  To make us submissive to their agenda.

Various techniques are used to influence our thoughts and choices, including addiction to technology, especially among children. Social media platforms are designed to control and influence what people think and say. Platforms such as Telegram become hotbeds for confusion and control.

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Everything is a PsyOp

By A Lily Bit

It’s becoming increasingly clear that we are at the centre of a deliberate campaign designed to instil fear, not by chance, but through careful manipulation, with the aim of not only alarming us but rendering us powerless through various artificial means.

At the core of this deliberate disorder is the elite’s chosen tool: psychological warfare. This tactic goes beyond physical conflict, aiming to penetrate the psyche and systematically degrade the human spirit.

The battle is not over land or resources, but over the essence of what makes us human: our ability to think, feel and act freely. The elite’s goal is disturbingly straightforward: to hollow out the individual, leaving an empty shell while stripping away the soul.

They employ an array of techniques to influence our thoughts and choices, making us unknowingly conform to their dark agenda.

Conventional warfare serves merely as a diversion, a secondary concern compared to the widespread psychological onslaught designed to make us submissive, not by force, but by surrendering our inner strength.

The proliferation of new technologies and smart devices, including games, movies, and various gadgets, leads to an addiction to these products. This addiction replaces or diminishes the users’ mental faculties such as memory, attention, concentration and creativity.

Children, for instance, are opting for videos over reading, often consuming content that may not be appropriate or educational.

Over time, this does not only dumb down the population, making them more ignorant and dependent on the system they are unwittingly a part of, but it also turns them into addicts of this very system.

Social media platforms are designed with a primary goal: to control and influence what people say and think, especially those with dissenting opinions.

Alternative media channels, like Telegram, become hotbeds for controlling and confusing those seeking to escape this manipulation. Moreover, young people are increasingly influenced by “influencers,” many of whom promote superficial or harmful behaviours, further shaping the actions and thoughts of impressionable audiences.

Lastly, a key strategy in this manipulation is to instil fear and anxiety in the population through the invention or exaggeration of threats, such as diseases. These threats may be completely fabricated or significantly overstated, creating confusion and fear.

This fear-mongering is often used to justify new medical interventions, vaccines or the rationale for conflicts, further entrenching the population in a cycle of dependency and manipulation by those in power.

The terminology employed by the so-called deep state reflects a profound understanding of the psychological and mental dimensions of human control and influence. They recognise the immense power that the mind and spirit wield, a power that is central to their use of occultism.

These traditions underscore the belief in the mind’s ability to manifest reality and deceive individuals into accepting illusions as truths. Here are some key terms that encapsulate their methods and objectives:

  • Persuade: Convincing individuals to adopt certain viewpoints or actions that align with their agenda.
  • Influence: Shaping the thoughts, behaviours, and decisions of people subtly yet effectively.
  • Change: Altering perceptions and attitudes to ensure they correspond with their desired narratives.
  • Entertain: Capturing the attention of the masses through distractions, keeping them preoccupied and away from critical thinking.
  • Comply: Encouraging obedience and submission to their directives without question.
  • Distract: Diverting attention from significant issues or truths through various means of entertainment or misinformation.
  • Accept: Fostering a sense of resignation or acceptance towards certain ideologies, norms or conditions.
  • Scare: Utilising fear as a tool to manipulate emotions and reactions, often to justify control measures.
  • Engage: Keeping individuals actively involved or occupied with content or narratives that serve their purposes.
  • Embrace: Encouraging the wholehearted acceptance of certain beliefs, technologies or changes that further their control.
  • Hate: Stirring emotions of animosity and division to weaken societal bonds and foster conflict.
  • Divide: Fragmenting communities and societies into opposing factions to weaken collective resistance and understanding.

The narrative around the deep state and their use of various platforms and influencers to manipulate the public hinges on the idea that a broad array of negative emotions and states of mind are deliberately fostered within society.

This manipulation extends through entertainment, social media and cultural trends, aiming to influence particularly vulnerable groups such as young people.

Influencers, as seen on platforms like YouTube, play a significant role in this by promoting content that can be detrimental to the development of children and young adults. This content often glorifies behaviours and ideologies that are antisocial, harmful or morally questionable.

The argument suggests that such influencers are not merely sharing their lives or interests but are actively participating in a larger agenda to degrade societal values and norms.

Video games are cited as examples of media that reward negative behaviour, such as theft and violence, further contributing to the alleged overarching strategy of moral and ethical degradation.

By engaging with these games, people, especially the youth, might be more susceptible to adopting the behaviours and attitudes portrayed, thus fulfilling the purported objective of leading society away from constructive pursuits and into chaos and discord.

Various forms of media and influence are not isolated phenomena but interconnected tools used by those in power to shape public consciousness in ways that undermine individual autonomy, morality, and critical thinking.

The concern about the impact of modern technology and social media on young people is widespread, touching on issues from addiction and mental health to privacy and safety.

The use of social media, especially platforms like TikTok, has led to the proliferation of trends and challenges, some of which have had dangerous or even fatal outcomes. These platforms, while offering unprecedented ways to connect and share, also present risks, especially to younger, more impressionable users.

The phenomenon of “gang-stalking” or coordinated harassment campaigns online is a serious issue. Individuals may find themselves targeted by groups, receiving threatening or demeaning messages that can significantly impact their mental well-being.

These actions are often anonymous, exploiting the internet’s veil of anonymity to avoid repercussions. The psychological effect of such harassment can be profound, affecting individuals’ mood, motivation and overall mental health.

Many intelligence agencies operate hacker farms, employing individuals globally to undertake various tasks. They suddenly enter individuals’ lives, influencing them to behave in the desired manner.

Additionally, the digital landscape is heavily influenced by artificial intelligence and algorithms, which determine the visibility and popularity of content and influencers. These digital gatekeepers, or “forest-guardians,” often promote content that is trivial or harmful, contributing to a culture of distraction and superficiality.

The proliferation of the internet, smart devices and various modern interventions, including social and political events, is a manifestation of a larger strategy to manipulate public consciousness.

Without the widespread distraction and compliance referred to by figures like Lord Jacob Rothschild, none of these developments would have been possible. The ultimate goal of such manipulation is to shape perceptions and beliefs, steering society in directions that serve specific interests and agendas.

About the Author

A Lily Bit self-describes as a former intelligence operative analysing The Great Reset, the Fourth Industrial Revolution, propaganda, totalitarianism, current narratives, psychology, and history.  You can subscribe to and follow A Lily Bit on Substack HERE.

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