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WHO staff rape children and UN “peacekeepers” kill and injure civilians, yet they demand more control over our lives

Not only is the World Health Organisation’s Director-General a terrorist, but WHO has rapists and terrorists on its staff.

WHO staff rape children and UN “peacekeepers” kill and injure civilians, yet they demand more control over our lives

WHO is an agency of the United Nations (“UN”).  There are sex scandals involving the UN as well.  There have been UN sex trafficking scandals reported in Bosnia and Kosovo, as well as a notoriously ignominious child sex ring organised in Haiti.

The UN’s violence against civilians doesn’t end with rape and sex crimes. UN “peacekeepers” have indiscriminately killed and injured civilians in Somalia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

It’s not just atrocities committed by individual UN employees against those unfortunate enough to live in areas where the UN takes control we must beware of – every citizen’s freedoms are endangered by the UN’s policies.

The UN is a recipe for global despotism.

WHO ‘Healthcare Workers’ Rape Children; UN ‘Peacekeepers’ Shell Civilians; UN Demanding More Control of People’s Lives, But Can’t Be Trusted Around Children or Adults

By Frontline News

Healthcare Rapists

As shocking as the revelations about mass rapes of women and children by UN “peacekeepers” and “teachers” may be, even more distressing is that UN employees supposedly dedicated to healthcare have carried out those very same atrocities and are led by an actual terrorist.

As Frontline News previously reported, the World Health Organisation (“WHO”), a UN agency, is headed by a terrorist who keeps rapists and paedophiles on staff giving them the power to abuse the poorest people in the world.  He even flies these staff members to towns in the developing world, with fancy rental cars and hotel rooms waiting for them, and with far more cash than the local residents have – a perfect recipe for exploitation.

Actual Terrorist at The Helm

Even hardcore anti-globalists might be tempted to write off such charges as ludicrous, yet it is hard to ignore the evidence Frontline News has detailed about WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus’s past:

During his tenure as Ethiopia’s health minister and then foreign minister, Tedros risked the health of citizens for political gain:

That’s from Tedros’ pre-WHO days. What of Tedros today?

Actual Rapists on The Healthcare Staff

Australian Senator Malcolm Roberts argued on the floor of Parliament that the WHO, far from having well-meaning leaders unaware of the child rapes carried out by their subordinates, “is rotting from the head,” Frontline News reported. Here’s his textual introduction to the video of his speech, posted on his YouTube Channel:

Roberts’ accusation was based on an AP report on Congolese victims of rape and paedophilia at the hands of WHO staff, as he detailed:

Enabling abuse

Liberty Nation national correspondent John Klar reports on even more UN rape scandals, noting that the UN predators were put in positions of power over a population in a nation that was not their home country, arguably increasing the chance of abuse:

Killed by UN “Peacekeepers” in the 21st Century

Violent crime committed by UN employees is not limited to rape. Despite being called “peacekeepers,” UN troops are armed like any other military. The New American covered some of the attacks committed by armed UN soldiers, publicising the findings of Ali Osman, a journalist with the Somalia-based news outlet Mareeg:

Killed by UN “Peacekeepers” in the 20th Century

Katanga, today a province in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, offers another example of UN brutality, where the world body acted as the proxy army of the Soviet Union in bombing the province’s capital Elisabethville (today Lubumbashi) and overthrowing its pro-West leader, Moïse Tshombe.

The full story of the UN’s bombing of innocent civilians in the Congo carried out to oust the popular anti-communist leader of the province of Katanga is recorded in the documentary below with actual video footage of the UN atrocities, particularly at 37:30:

If you are unable to watch the video above on Rumble, you can watch it on YouTube HERE.  To watch it on YouTube you will need to sign in to confirm your age.

UN Ambulances as Shuttles for Terrorists, Weapons

Klar adds that the employment of terrorists by the UN agency UNRWA necessitates the otherwise unnecessary inspection of UNRWA’s ambulances operating in the Gaza Strip (to check for terrorists, weapons, and hostages).

Systemic problem

Klar disputes the idea that the UN has but a few bad apples:

Everyone at Risk

The John Birch Society emphasises that it’s not just atrocities committed by individual UN employees against those unfortunate enough to live in areas in which the UN takes control of which one must beware – every citizen’s freedoms are endangered by their policies:


The Society is no longer alone in resisting the UN.

In December, Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) introduced the latest version of a bill, that has not been passed in previous congressional sessions, which he named the “Disengaging Entirely from the United Nations Debacle (DEFUND) Act.” If it were to become the law, it would accomplish just what the Society has advocated for decades – to” Get US Out! Of the UN.”

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