Reflecting on Human Cultural Reaction
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Reflecting on Human Cultural Reaction

First off, let’s remove all the argument over what really happened.Let’s not even look at the facts of 9/11 and what really happened.All “conspiracies” aside.
Reflecting on Human Cultural Reaction

e. On May 1st president Obama addressed the nation declaring that US troops had raided Bin Laden’s compound and had shot and killed him. This information was quickly spread to media everywhere. Before long, citizens of the United States were taking to the streets in praise of the US military chanting “USA! USA! USA” Again, its not a matter of what really happened here. This post is meant to get us to question how we reacted when we found out what happened. A human on this planet is killed and we CELEBRATE the death by outwardly chanting and expressing our uncontrollable emotions towards it.

These actions are not driven by the heart or love.

These actions are driven by illusionary pride, uncontrollable emotions, separation from fellow humans, and of course- ego. When president Obama says to the billions of the world “justice has been served” in regards to the death of Bin Laden, what is he really saying? “Killing another who has (questionably) done something wrong is how we solve things.” Is this the type of world we want to live in? Where we are completely driven by false propped up emotions planted by media and patriotic values? When you look at patriotism itself what is it? It’s an identity with a small area of the world. ONE country you “belong” to. We then take this patriotism to competition, and then to war. What we are missing here is, patriotism is simply a false sense of identity. We are all humans, sharing the planet, living as a whole. But we have taken things so far out of reality that we now live in a world where we are completely separate from those outside of our country. In some ways we even separate ourselves from many within our own country. Why? Why do we operate this way? Is this the natural state of humanity? To be self destructive, primitive and barbaric? Or have we been conditioned and programmed to be completely disconnected from ourselves and emotionally driven? I’m not writing this to tell you the answer. I’m writing this because I want each person who reads this to reflect on this.

These are the types of things we don’t often think about. We see what happens and we go long with it, but we don’t ask the deeper questions as to why we act this way. Why is it that some act this way and others the complete opposite? What is the difference? When reflecting, there is no need to judge or define one action as better or worse, that is not the case here. Simply reflect. Look at what has happened with this whole controversy. Some are angry and judgmental towards others, even feeling hatred towards them, because they have a different view towards what happened. Why do we identify ourselves with EVERYTHING that ISN’T who we truly are? .

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