Religion and The Choice of Humanity: Fear or Love
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Religion and The Choice of Humanity: Fear or Love

Your life on this earth boils down to nothing but choices.Your experience is governed by only one of two choices.
Religion and The Choice of Humanity: Fear or Love

. Do you choose love, or do you choose fear? Look back on your life and remember past situations you were in. Did the bad situations stem from fear? Did the good situations stem from love? Begin to live in love, see that what is going on today is nothing more than a transition from a way of dominance and conquering, to a way of love and universal order.

The old doctrines and dogmas of man made religion have surfaced in order for the people of the planet seeking truth to see that religions are the primary reason why there is so much fear guilt and poverty in the world today. Religions have created through illusion, a designed thought form. That of greater and lesser beings on this planet. Those chosen and those not chosen. We are all chosen, religions have created an elite secret order of priests and kings over the centuries to dominate and enslave the ones they see as lesser.

The end of world dominance will truly unfold when religions are cast off and people begin to see each other as equal.

The awareness of love, light, and equality stemming from the universal source transcends any dogma, and holds true. Religions are all flawed in the core doctrines, the doctrines exclude dimensional realities, frequencies and thought manifestations encompassed within the light held by all beings, there is no universal oneness in religion. Religions have brought on scarcity as a primary thought form, not abundance. Material abundance are key selling points for religion, not universal abundance.

The reversal from a positive field to a negative field through belief systems was the prime objective, in turn destroying human equality. By establishing scarcity and a feeling of inequality in the minds of humans people are kept imprisoned and unaware of their true nature of reality and their own creative potential. Right now the whole structure of our world is being challenged and changed. An influx of light energy is hitting the planet causing a mass reconnecting or remembering of your true infinite self.

The religions of the world will be revealed as having been treasonous. Man made belief systems have been installed to block and slow the evolution of humanities intelligence and divine consciousness.

The light of your true self will never be held back by darkness of any kind. Not another day will go by where people are instructed to believe in a traditional religious icon or messages of despair based on a flawed unworthy soul. Being born a sinner contradicts the truth of humanities unified consciousness. Earths energy is headed toward the reconstruction of spirituality, and a direct reconnection with the universe. Your creation is infinite abundant and intelligent. You are divine, the oneness of a divine humanity is why the earth is being made sacred again. Your are to become responsible, get off you knees and be held accountable for the reality you create individually and collectively. Anything can be justified in the name of religion, as religion falls away the only thing justified will be to walk in light and choose love.

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