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RSLC Launches Ad Targeting Regretful Biden Voters in Democrat States

RSLC Launches Ad Targeting Regretful Biden Voters in Democrat States

Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC), the state Republican-aligned group, released a six-figure ad campaign encouraging Americans who regret voting for President Joe Biden and his “return to normalcy” in 2020 to vote for the GOP candidate in November. This most recent ad buy from the RSLC is a part of the group’s larger effort to invest millions of dollars in the November election.

The ad is set to run in Democrat-controlled states such as Colorado, Maine, Minnesota, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, and Washington.

The ad will emphasize the “Biden Remorse” to Americans feeling the side effects of Biden’s lack of leadership after dealing with higher prices, a lack of control over their children’s education, and fear of crime in their once-safe neighborhoods. RSLC President Dee Duncan said, “Joe Biden’s failures have inflation soaring, crime raging, education under attack, and swing voters around the country realizing they made the wrong decision in 2020.” “If you voted for Biden in 2020, you’ve been exposed to failures and false promises. As a result, you may be suffering from a case of Biden Remorse,” the ad’s narrator stated. “It’s not your fault, and there’s a solution. Elect state Republicans this November”: The ad explained what “side effects” voters would be feeling after voting for Biden. It noted the skyrocketing price of gas and food, not having input in what schools teach, rampant crime in safe neighborhoods, and “embarrassment towards your nation.” “Although there’s no (1-800) number they can call to get rid of our awful president, these Americans can cure their Biden Remorse by electing more state Republicans,” Duncan added. State Republicans “will hold the line against Washington’s failures and rid life in their states of the chaos we have seen during the last 15 months.” Jacob Bliss is a reporter for Breitbart News. You can follow him on Twitter.

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