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Russia DID mandate draftees be “vaccinated”…but they’ve just DROPPED that rule & that’s great news

Russia DID mandate draftees be “vaccinated”…but they’ve just DROPPED that rule & that’s great news

As many of you know, four days ago the excellent Riley Waggaman spelled out, in clear detail, the painful history of Russia’s recent “vaccination” mandate for all Russians mobilized for combat in Ukraine.

This solid piece was quickly slammed by Thomas Röper, a German writer living in Russia, who argued, with more vehemence than evidence, that Russia certainly was not requiring “vaccination” of its troops (as the US, British, French and German governments have been doing).

Röper’s screed was then picked up by Vanessa Beeley, UK Column and Robin Monotti on Telegram — as it pains me to report, since I admire all three (and consider Robin and Vanessa friends).

For those who want a more detailed account, the contretemps was carefully reported by OffGuardian’s Catte Black, who made the crucial point that we who seek the truth, and try our best to tell it, at a time when doing so is ever harder and more dangerous, must never let ourselves be swayed by wishful thinking, out of sympathy to any side in any of the conflicts raging all around us now.

If, for instance, we believe that Ukraine is a Nazi hell-hole, and US/NATO cat’s-paw, and therefore see where Russia’s coming from (the view I share with Riley, Catte, Vanessa, Robin and UK Column, among others), that does not mean we think that Putin does no wrong—especially when he does what the US, British, French and German governments are doing.

If, moreover, forcing an experimental medical procedure on unwilling persons is a Nazi thing, then Putin shouldn’t do it, nor should we let him get away with doing it, however ardently we cheer his opposition to the Nazis in Ukraine.

I could go on; but there’s no need—because the story has now changed, and for the better: Riley Waggaman reports that Russia will no longer force its conscripts to be “vaccinated”

Can I get an amen?

That is great news, at a time when there’s so little of it; but we must do more than simply share it.

We also have to ask why Russia has decided to halt “vaccination” of its mobilized reservists. To that important question, one reasonable answer is that the horrific toll of all those “vaccinations” has been coming clear in Russia, prompting Putin to do something that few heads of state in Covid-World will any longer do: i.e., control the damage, by stopping the injections that have done tremendous harm, demonstrably.

As readers of our weekly compilations of reports of people “dying suddenly” worldwide know all too well, the Sputnik “vaccination” drive has had a lot of people “dying suddenly” all over Russia. (No, Virginia, it isn’t just the mRNA shots that kill people, but all the others, too: J&J, AstraZeneca, China’s Sinovac—and Russia’s Sputnik, which is based on AstraZeneca’s concoction.)

And now we find, predictably, that all too many of those young men jabbed for war have also been “dying suddenly”—and if we know it, it must be known in Russia, too, at least to those who eyes are not wide shut to the hideous effects of COVID “vaccination” there.

Just below are two reports of mobilized reservists lately dropping dead, in Novosibirsk and near Yekaterinburg (reports that you’ll find also in our latest compilation, which will go up soon). And down below those two reports, you’ll find a recent summary of reservists’ “sudden deaths” (including suicides) lately posted on the Russian site Meduza.

It’s not a stretch to figure that the Russian government has read that piece, and that they’re also well-aware of other evidence that those shots kill, and people know it.

So who’s done more for Russia—and, indeed, for Putin? Those who have sought out, and told, the awful truth about the lethal “vaccination” of those troops-to-be, or those bellowing reflexively that it just can’t be true, because they “side” with him (and Russia, too, or so they think)?

In any case, what Putin should do next is halt all “vaccination” of the Russian people, whether they’re been mobilized or not.

Mobilized Chelyabinsk citizen died in the 32nd military town near Yekaterinburg

October 11, 2022

In the 32nd military camp near Yekaterinburg, a Chelyabinsk citizen died, who could have been called up during mobilization. Media reports about it. According to preliminary data, a resident of the Chelyabinsk region was drafted into the army during mobilization. The man suddenly became ill, the doctors could not save him.

However, the cause of death is still unknown. 

The death of the Chelyabinsk citizen was confirmed to journalists by the Sverdlovsk State Duma deputy Maxim Ivanov. The police started checking. Specialists are conducting an examination, according to its results, it will become clear from what the reservist died. Earlier, FederalPress wrote that two mobilized people died in the Yelansky garrison in the Sverdlovsk region.

No age reported.

[Full report]

A 35-year-old native of Bratsk died during a mobilization gathering in Novosibirsk

October 6, 2022

Thirty-five-year-old native of Bratsk Alexander Koltun died during a mobilization meeting in Novosibirsk, IrCity news agency was informed on October 6 at the Office of the Ombudsman for Human Rights in the Novosibirsk Region. “There is information [about the death of a native of the Angara region], but right now no one will say anything, because investigative checks are underway,” Nina Shalabayeva, the Novosibirsk Ombudsman, said in the reception room.

They also advised me to contact the military investigation department for the Novosibirsk garrison and the military investigation department for the Central Military District. It was not possible to get a comment from these departments. The duty officer of the Armed Forces for the Novosibirsk garrison said that he was not authorized to give any comments, the Armed Forces of Ukraine for the Central Military District suggested sending an official request.

[Full report]

Those mobilized in Russia die before they are sent to the front. Some commit suicide. Others die under unclear circumstances. Here is a list that we will keep updating


At the police station in Vladivostok on September 27, 39-year-old Sergei Fedoseenko died of cardiac arrest,  Astra  and  Mash reported . He was taken to the department from the military registration and enlistment office, where he came to “express dissatisfaction”. According to Mash, Fedoseenko was in a state of extreme intoxication.


News Tracker, citing sources , reported on September 27 the death of Boris Shavaev, a resident of the Zvezdny village in Kabardino-Balkaria. The preliminary cause of death was thromboembolism (blockage of a vessel by a detached thrombus). On the eve of mobilization, he passed a medical examination and was declared fit for military service.

Velikiy Novgorod

On September 27, it became known about the suicide of 44-year-old Yegor Nazarov, a resident of Veliky Novgorod. According to his friends, Nazarov received a summons to the army, and this could push him to suicide.

Tyumen region

On September 28, the body of one of the mobilized was found at a collection point near Tyumen. The  NEFT publication was the first to report this  , citing a law enforcement source. It wrote that the mobilized man had committed suicide, but later removed details from the text – except for the fact that State Duma deputy Ernest Valeev was going to go to the assembly point with a check. A source in law enforcement agencies confirmed to that there had indeed been a report of the death of the mobilized.


On September 30, rapper Ivan Petunin committed suicide in Krasnodar . Before his death, he released a video message in which he stated that he decided to commit suicide because of the news of the mobilization, although he was hardly fit for military service and did not receive a summons. “I cannot and do not want to take the sin of murder on my soul. I am not ready to kill for any ideals,” he said.


On October 2, a man mobilized from Krasnoyarsk died in one of the military units of Omsk. The cause of his death has not yet been established. His friend said that they were threatened in part because of a conflict with other military men. The wife of the deceased said that her husband was a patriot and went to war “with desire.”


Alexander Koltun, a 35-year-old resident of Bratsk , died at the Novosibirsk Higher Military Command School on October 2 . “On September 28, he volunteered for mobilization completely sober. And in Novosibirsk, on October 2, he died, as if from a heart attack, ”said his mother, noting that her son “never complained about his heart and was not registered.” She added that “some people on the phone” are trying to convince her that Koltun died from low-quality alcohol. The Commissioner for Human Rights in the Novosibirsk Region, Nina Shalabayeva, said that he died in his sleep. The cause of death remains unknown.

Later, another conscript died in this school. According to Sibkrai, he died as a result of violent actions. His body was found on the night of October 7th. Information about the deceased was confirmed by Nina Shalabayeva: “Yes, another person died. The competent authorities are investigating the circumstances.”

Leningrad region

In the village of Kamenka, a 28-year-old resident of St. Petersburg, called up as part of “partial mobilization”, shot himself from a machine gun during a firing exercise.

In the same village , two more mobilized people later died . According to Sirena, the cause of these deaths is heart attacks.

Sverdlovsk region

In the training center of the Ministry of Defense in the Sverdlovsk region in early October , three mobilized people died . One mobilized died of a seizure, and the other committed suicide. The third was written off and sent home, where he immediately died of cirrhosis of the liver, ”said Maxim Ivanov, State Duma deputy from the Sverdlovsk region. The relatives of the deceased do not believe in the version of cirrhosis. They assume that he was beaten.


During training sessions at the training ground in Penza on October 5, a 41-year-old local resident, called up as part of the mobilization, died. According  to PenzaInform, the cause of death was a heart attack.

Zabaykalsky Krai

At the end of September, a mobilized man died in a military unit in the southeast of the Trans-Baikal Territory, Sirena reports . In addition, according to the publication, a conscript and a conscript died in a military unit in Peschanka, Zabaikalsky Krai. [No cause of death mentioned.]

[full report][download pdf]

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