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Russia-Ukraine has opened the door to World War III, & Western Leaders are to blame for giving away the key; now we need to close it

The worst thing a crowd of people can do is to watch a gang of thugs beating a man or raping a girl and do nothing about it.

Russia-Ukraine has opened the door to World War III, & Western Leaders are to blame for giving away the key; now we need to close it

Especially when the crowd is much larger than the gang.

Yet this is the precise position we are in with Ukraine and Russia with whole nations rather than with individual people. And in Ukraine children are being killed too.

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By a Concerned Reader
Disclaimer:The views and opinions expressed in this article are entirely those of
the author and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of The Expose


Anyone who thinks that the war in Ukraine is not a threat to the rest of the planet is in denial. Every day that we ignore the pleas of our brothers and sisters in both Ukraine and Russia to stop this war, is a wasted day.

We must do something that the chess player did not factor into his calculations for war, that he made before promising not to invade Ukraine.

That something could be not to declare war on Russia, but to possibly declare defence on Ukraine and send in the military there for that purpose alone (I suggest).

But Putin is certainly not the only bad actor here. The West interfered in the coup-revolution that removed Yanukovich in 2014. But the Orange Revolution in 2004-2005 had removed his rigged election result 10 years earlier and gave us Yulia Tymoshenko, the blond bombshell of Ukrainian Independence, who was prime minister from February to September 2005 and from 2007 – 2010.

She lost the election to Yanukovich in 2010 and was sentenced to prison for 7 years in 2011, for nearly winning an election. Sorry for not doing what Putin wanted with a gas deal. OK for abusing her office over a deal with Gazprom. But this was a very selective use of the law and she essentially became a Putin type political prisoner. She was released in 2014 by a parliamentary vote as a direct result of the 2014 Revolution-Coup, after 3 years in prison. CBC describes her persecution as follows…

Ukraine’s jailing of former prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko was a politically motivated violation of her rights, Europe’s human rights court has ruled. A Ukrainian ambassador stormed out of the courthouse in response to the ruling in a case that has strained the former Soviet state’s ties with Europe and the United States. 

An architect of Ukraine’s 2004 pro-democracy Orange Revolution who was instantly recognizable by her crown of braids, Tymoshenko was sentenced to seven years in prison in October 2011 after being convicted of exceeding her powers as prime minister while negotiating a gas contract with Russia.Tymoshenko has said her jailing was intended to keep her out of politics and that her rights were violated when she was first jailed in August 2011. The court agreed unanimously that her jailing was “for other reasons” than those permissible by law. –

I am no expert in Ukrainian history. But we are all experts in abuse on this planet because we see it every day of our lives. War is the ultimate form of abuse that man indulges in and the time has come to stop it at all costs.

The Russians said at the time of appeasement before WW2, that the British have avoided a small war now but ensured a large war later. It would appear that our Churchillian Prime Minister has not studied the history of the English speaking people closely enough. For we are making precisely the same mistake today that we made in 1938.

Putin is a chess player, a prober, an opportunist and certainly appears at heart to be an imperial nationalist for Russia. He probably now sees the woke British and American militaries, who are trained not to attack people even with pronouns, and not to offend them even with language, and who cannot fight off the flu without umpteen gene altering vaccinations, as the weakest they have ever been in his entire life.

The war in Ukraine is a total failure of US and UK Intelligence services to read Putin. And he is not a hard or a long read. If we look weak, then he will attack and that attack may well come to our door.

We lost Ukraine when we withdrew our soldiers from Afghanistan and left our civilians there to be abused and killed by the Taliban. Thousands of American citizens may still be trapped their because the Obama/Clinton, or whoever is the true President, administration never told us the true number of Americans who they abandoned and neither did the foreign Office tell us how many Brits were deliberately sacrificed. At least our soldiers were permitted to get them out if they could find them or get to them.

But let’s face it shall we? If we cannot rescue our own nationals from Afghanistan, why would Putin worry about us rescuing Ukrainian nationals from the teeth of the bear?

There is only one way to save them and that is to lead BY EXAMPLE and to care more about Ukrainian citizens in their hour of need than we did about our own in their hour of need. Because if we do not, we may lose both Ukraine, Great Britain and everything in between. And none of the generals responsible for the dereliction of duty in Afghanistan should be involved in the salvation of Ukraine unless they strongly objected and were overruled. I do not call for their sacking because I do not subscribe to cancel culture and because the problem lies in the MOD more than it does in the armed forces.

Boris has a really really difficult job to do from now onwards and he will have to be better than Churchill to pull it off. Our military has been eroded to the point where without the Americans it is at a significant disadvantage to the Russians.

Whoever is the president of the US is a globalist crook and a traitor to the US and a democratic fraud, having never received one vote. And he or she, being the chief of the armed forces, engineered the Afghanistan disaster to tempt Putin into Ukraine. Afghanistan was an open invitation to Putin. It was the globalists telling him: We have succeeded in neutralising the US and UK military power. You are free to do whatever you want. Putin does not want WW3. He wants an empire. Whereas the globalists want a world empire and they need WW3 to expedite that goal..

The big danger here is WW3. We should do everything possible to avoid it. And the way to do that is to show Putin who he is dealing with and to undo the pathetic optical moral and tactical display we put up in Afghanistan.

It will be a fine line, to attempt to show Putin we mean business, without triggering WW3. But if we lose Ukraine WW3 is almost a certainty. Whereas if we win Ukraine WW3 is dead.

Ukraine is the door to WW3. We need to close that door without triggering that war. We will not manage such a delicate operation with the present self serving MOD bureaucracy and that is the difficulty Boris faces. If we fail to defend Ukraine Putin will have calculated correctly and could then be emboldened to expand further into Europe and trigger NATO and WW3.

Of course in an ideal world we would have international law with which to charge Putin and arrest him and try him and convict him and imprison him like he has done to so many of his adversaries. But there is not much political will to arrange such law because many politicians are as lawless as he is. They see laws as being made by them but obeyed by everyone else. They are not too keen on being under someone else’s law themselves. So every nation on this earth is forced to settle its dispute with its neighbour in the manner of a lawless drug dealer with no recourse to the police – by his own gun.

Do we need to defend Ukraine without attacking Russia?

The globalists have infiltrated the five eyes governments (the UK, the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand) sufficiently to engineer the catastrophe of Afghanistan which was the invitation to Putin to invade Ukraine. Sufficiently to engineer absurdly repressive and totally counterproductive lockdowns and mask and vaccine mandates. Their next play is to trigger WW3.

The trigger will be a false flag in the UK and a false flag in the US in March (if I am not mistaken).

So the purpose of this trigger is to start WW3. The purpose of WW3 is to enable the global reset. The destruction of WW3 is the foundation from which the globalists want to build back better. I mean you have to knock down first before you can build back better.

We must do everything possible not to be triggered and to recognise these coming triggers as globalist seditions, as 9/11’s. It is not like we haven’t seen this before. We should be guided by empathy for our Ukrainian brothers, not by globalist power games.

So we need to defend Ukraine whilst it is still outside of Russia. Because once it is eaten by the bear, it will be too late. Putin has calculated that we will not do that. This is precisely why we should do it. But we must be as smart and as smooth as Putin in making the distinction between coming to the aid of a nation in trouble and attacking Russian territory.

Perhaps we should send Peacekeepers like Putin did into Donetsk and Lugansk. And perhaps, our Peacekeepers will be even less successful than his at keeping the peace in Ukraine? Or perhaps we should declare a couple of Ukrainian provinces to be a part of the British Empire by writing an agreement between the Queen and the Prime Minister to that effect?

Whatever it is that we normally do, whatever our normal response is, we must do the opposite, and fast. Putin has done everything in his power to stop Ukriane and Georgia becoming a part of NATO. Perhaps we should treat them as though they are anyway?

We can choose to treat them however we like, until we are conquered by Putin that is.. Perhaps we could donate the British Miltiary to the Ukrainian military and fight in the colours of Ukraine? Perhaps the entire EU should do that? The most helpful suggestion I believe I can make is to demote the entire Afghanistan compromised upper managment of the MOD, all of it, every branch of it, both covert and overt, and replace it, lock stock and barrel, with retired Military personnel – forthwith.

Lets get some people who know a bit about military conflict running the show – whilst there is still a show left to run. Otherwise we could be looking at the last night of the Proms. We should offer to take Russian POWs as refugees into the UK, detained until the end of the war. We should treat them properly in accordance with the Geneva convention. Ukraine does not have the resources to do that presently, that would be a load off their minds that we can carry.

It will not make us a target if we treat them with dignity. Maybe Abramovich could fund that exercise helping both Ukraine and the Russian POWs? Bear in Mind that in the end times, the test on man is do you have love? And war is the biggest test man ever faces. Unfortunately it is a part of the test.

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