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Sear the Fear

Waking up to the red sun in the morning when sailors take warning is a miracle nevertheless.

Sear the Fear

The world turns as it always has. Early in June here in the grand country of Canada, in the province of Quebec the lily of the valley honeys the air. As does, or as will the 140 fires spreading up north as of June 2, 2023. The average over 10 years of fires to date consumed 273.3 hectares of land. Presently it has consumed 182,964.8 hectares.

I do not smell the smoke yet for the fires are still far away. They are coming closer though, about 70 km away now. I suspect it will not smell like honey. It will smell like fear. It already smells suspicious. It smells like someone’s agenda. But to go there in thought is a kind of madness. Can we just accept that this is something normal that sometimes happens? Most people will.

But for some people in the on-line world these fires are not just fires. They are a million things. For this group to accept that these are just fires caused mostly by lightning and try to accept that it is madness to ponder otherwise is a remote possibility. It is in their nature. In that sense I am too much involved in understanding the busy-ness of the world and all its nonsense.

Listening to these dialogues and conjectures makes me long for the days when I could simply believe that things happen without needing to know why—that generous kindly act of Faith so many have of knowing it-is-what-it-is philosophy. It is as it has been willed.

But no unfortunately there could be many reasons real or imagined as to why my province is burning. And arguments and conjectures can be framed from any different vantage point and almost all of them end up being for nefarious reasons because that is what humans sometimes do to pass their time.

So the game is on. Let me know in the comments why you think the provinces of Quebec and Alberta in Canada are burning.

Now the first thing people say is that it was a very dry winter. And all I can think of is my snowplough man who was frantic with work this year. He’d arrive red-faced and weary from long days muttering about the workload. In such kinds of winter, the snowplough man is your best friend. I remember looking out at huge snowbanks obscuring my far view. Was that just my imagination? My snowplough bill says otherwise. It is dry now, but not so much drier than normal. From what I can see in the real world. And that leaves questions.

And every question must begin with a frame of reference and in the world we have now those frames are always somebody’s agenda. And the biggest agenda we’ve got these days is that of the WEF as we all know by now. But let us not go there yet. Let us look at other outrageous reasons I’ve come across.

The number 1 reason we go to is climate change. We have been taught well. The earth is warming horribly or cooling or changing or something. We are doomed. More and more fires and dryness and horrible things are happening. Perhaps it is the methane all wrapped up in the bog lands releasing and catching fire. Perhaps it is the earths mantle moving with earthquakes and continental drift and seeping up. Perhaps it is deforestation. Perhaps it is the magnetosphere no longer protecting us. Perhaps it is a hole in the ozone and solar flares. Or not.

The number 2 reason we go to is accidental. The cigarette butt. The spring burning of the fields. The campfires not put out properly. The Teslas catching on fire. The lightning strikes. The electrical grid misfiring. The pipelines in the sun.

The number 3 reason we go to is arson. And there is the complications. Who would want to hurt us dear benign ridiculously peaceful people? There are the firebug types who probably tortured animals as children. They watch the flames as if they were a savage salvation. There are the groups that hate. The ones that hate the world and want to burn it down literally. Perhaps Antifa or Genders for Genocide or No Lives Matter or some such thing where the camaraderie of vengeance is all they know for their aloneness. Maybe it was pipeline sabotage or flame-throwing drones.

The number 4 reason we go to is enemy action. Perhaps because we are theoretically at war. It could be a DEW which stands for Directed Energy Weapons from planes or satellites in space. (The things you learn when you ask why I tellya) The enemy is on the attack. But who? The Russians? The Chinese which seems more likely here in Canada since we’ve closed their illegal police stations and are questioning their interference in the election. But that makes no sense because they own most of Canada now and why would they burn it down?

The number 5 reason is our own government. The most horrifying guess of all. Why would the two provinces in Canada who have threatened separation from the union at one time or another, Alberta and Quebec be in flames? Threatened to know their place? Or perhaps then suddenly very much in need of full federal emergency support? And why are there hardly any planes showing on flightradar firefighting? Or some think it is a way to cover up chemtrails or the cremation of all those who succumbed to Canada’s new euthanasia law. Let’s not go there. It is too dark to be true.

The number 6 reason is They of the WEF. Not the benign people of the WEF but the ones involved in all sorts of skullduggery to achieve Their evil ends. Perhaps They want us to be afraid of climate change more than we are. Perhaps Canada wasn’t scoring high on carbon emissions so They’d needed to up those numbers in order to rationalize climate lockdowns and what better way than to start fires and smoke those numbers up?

Perhaps it is Their agenda of terrorizing people to make them conform and take orders? Or to finally convince all those who live outside the cities in the burning wildernesses to move to their 15-minute-cities with all the protection they could want. And these wildernesses as planned will be protected and we can get day-passes to visit one day. What better way to have us grow accustomed to forbidden access to parks as they have done?

Or perhaps They want to build their Versailles and They’ll have to clear out all the detritus of inconvenient people, buildings and trees. Or perhaps this is prime mining for lithium and such and They’ll need to set up camps for the mooing herds to work in—building us all our batteries and microchips since we won’t have Taiwan anymore. Also all too dark to be true.

Perhaps it is not happening at all and only exists in headlines and on screens?

All these horrible reasons are just horrible. After listening and reading all these theories I thought I might go with aliens but I can’t imagine why the aliens hate Quebec. Is it our poutine? And so I’ll go with “The Act of God” as my belief. No matter which way you look at it, it is all an Act of God. Whatever you conceive God to be. Which is most comforting as I sit here waiting for the smoke to waft through the windows with the warning from the weather channel of fine-particulate matter in the air and the forecast for tomorrow literally reading “Smoke.” Even the weather channel wants to scare us.


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