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Self Assembled Micro Technology Found on Covid-19 Injections

Recent findings reveal complex dynamics and behaviour of technological components found at microscopic level within the vials.

Self Assembled Micro Technology Found on Covid-19 Injections

It's been a while since the first pictures of complex circuitry and other micro components found in the Covid-19 injections. During this time, more and more independent groups of researchers interested in the topic, are offering a closer and detailed look into the particles found in the injections.

The topic of micro technology found in the vials, has been widely ignored, rejected or awkwardly disproved by the corporate news. Surprisingly, unexpected names of the most fierce journalists within the Independent Media, and some podcasting truthers missed to mention it, or even, quite arguably disproved it.

From the other side, the so called Medical Freedom Movement, featuring medical personalities like Malone, McCullough, Cole, Mercola and others, has positioned himself as the main(stream) force against the mandatory vaccination programs, avoiding at any price, to mention or give any sort of credit to the microscopy imagery, related scientific papers and other reports claiming the presence of this unknown micro technology within the injections, while pushing the highly unproved, rather theoretical existence and damage associated to the presence of the Spike protein.

Clearly, there exists a push for a concrete line of pressure against the Government's ability of forcing directly or indirectly medical treatments, within the "officially dissident" medical movement, the alternative media and the podcast "truthers".

Fortunately, there are well equipped research groups, committed to know more about what's in the injections, doing amazing work to answer the difficult questions. For example, answers to what is it, what it does or how to get rid of it.

The more than excellent group of researchers and doctors bringing the following findings, is composed by Dr. David Nixon, Matt Taylor, Dr. Shimon Yanowitz and Dr. Ana Mihalcea. Together, they have put forward an absolutely revealing research. Concretely, Dr. Nixon has been recording for weeks the activity taking place at a microscopic level inside a drop of a Pfizer vial, hold at room temperature, a highly detailed microscopy footage. To make the process visualisable in humanized time, Dr. Nixon accelerated the recording hundreds of times to get a 3-5 minute length final video.

The following video from Dr. Ana Mihalcea, contains a valuable conversation from one of the meetings held by this group. They talk about the Dr. David Nixon's findings, the so commonly called nanotech, but in fact, the findings are based on micro size components, acknowledging that, there could be other undetected smaller ones. This group is not the only one finding this kind technology within the vials. As explained in this article, there are several groups around the globe doing this kind of research, however, it's the first time the technology has been recorded during the process of assembly and disassembly, this process seems to be favoured by the presence of EMF. Worth to mention that, the quality of the footage and the microscopy techniques applied by Dr. Nixon are far superior to anything published till the date.

Judge by yourself.


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