Shifting Our Conscious State: Identifying The Ego
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Shifting Our Conscious State: Identifying The Ego

Shifting Our Conscious State: Identifying The Ego

If we take away the beliefs that we create in the mind such as defining experiences as being good or bad or right or wrong, what’s left is the raw truth that everything is simply just an experience, beyond the minds definitions. In seeing this, it shows us that there is no need to judge anything. Why would we want to embrace this? Observe how it makes us feel to judge experiences...Does it feel heavy and burdensome? Does it create discomfort and limitations as to how we can experience everything? This is what the shift in consciousness is about. Letting go of the definitions that keep us locked in fear and separation so that we can move forward into a lighter, more peaceful and less limiting reality. To go along with this I’d like to shed light on a beautiful quote from a dear brother soul, “The pain that we carry is the love that we withhold.” If we carry emotional baggage that is attached to a belief system, we feel a sense of discomfort because the emotional energy is dense and heavy. It keeps us low and in a state of disconnection from our true essence of harmony and oneness with all.

The next time you feel emotional about something, ask yourself “what belief am I holding on to that is making me feel the way I do? What story am I creating in my mind?” Once we identify what the story is and why we’re creating it, which is most often linked to past experiences in which we created an attachment to the belief or story, it then loses its power and we have the choice to no longer empower the belief by letting it go. When I say beliefs can be linked to past experiences it can stem from beliefs that are handed down from our family members, friends, media structures and other things of influence like education systems, etcetera. What happens is that we buy into these beliefs as being solid truth and we don’t necessarily question them. It also becomes difficult to see and feel the knowing that we all have inside when we take on a lot of these beliefs. What is most important at this time is observation and inner guidance. Throughout the majority of history for the human experience, we have been playing in a realm where we have been creating our experiences in quite a disconnected state.

The disconnection has come from agreeing to an experience of having a software program implemented into our subconscious minds. This program is what we call the EGO and it was intended to give us an experience of survival. An experience that we have fully embraced so much to the point that it has become extremely limiting and repetitive. It’s important to understand that we have allowed this program to evolve. It has become a self-learning operating system that creates an illusory perception of reality within the confines of fear and separation. A program that has become so intricately designed that it stops at nothing to keep itself alive, thus creating a series of repetitive auto-response programs that control us. It’s built for protection and survival and is designed to reject love. Basically designed to keep us from becoming aware of our true self. From birth, it stores information that is learned through absorbing its surroundings and from there projects outward a reality based on what it has learned. Within this creative projection it also has created defense mechanisms, basically protective belief systems and links them to our Reptilian complex (R-complex) brain that is designed for “fight and flight” so to speak. It creates retaliation methods for protecting its survival. One might ask, how is it that this program has become enabled to do this? The answer is simple. We have empowered it for so long. Some may think I am reaching with this statement but it is very much so similar as to how the “machines” from the movie The Matrix operate. You could also compare it to the movies The Terminator where they created “Skynet” and it becomes self-learning and eventually destructive. This is exactly what we are experiencing here on Earth.

The ego has brought us to a destructive reality, very much as to the likes of a “cancer”. Cancer destroys the organism that brings it life. It manifests within a physical body, multiplies, expands, consumes and destroys the very vessel that it was created upon. I would like to make note that I am sharing this information from a state of complete neutrality and that there is no need to judge this in any way. This is simply the reality that we have chosen to create and it has served us greatly and been a beautiful experience. Absolutely perfect! It’s simply now about understanding that it doesn’t have to be this way and we can move on. Another question that might come up is “How have we empowered it?”. This one can be quite shocking for some.

The answer is simply that we believe it is who we are. We believe that we are the ego. We identify with our emotions and the thoughts created by the ego. We believe this because we have been born into a society that was designed to make us think that we are the body and mind and nothing more. Designed to keep us from seeing and feeling that we are so much more than this. That we are souls made of an infinite power of light and love that cannot be measured or defined beyond the simple knowing that we are infinite potentiality and universal creators in essence. The shift in consciousness that we are enduring is happening because we have chosen, at the soul level, to go beyond the limits of this ego consciousness that we have become stuck in. At this time many people feel that there is something happening. Maybe they feel there is more to this reality than what they currently understand. Maybe they feel they have become tired of what we are experiencing. Some even have a feeling but don’t really know why they’re feeling it or what it is, but it’s a deep feeling that something is going on. That change is happening or is on the horizon. And indeed it certainly is, and is rapidly expanding day by day. It’s an amazing time to be alive! To bring back into focus of what is most important at this time is observation of self and setting the intention of wanting to change. When we put the intention out there, the universe will respond accordingly, and our higher-self will create in perfect unison, the exact experiences we need at the perfect moment, always for our highest good in moving forward onto a grander more expanded state. When we begin to observe ourselves, from a neutral standpoint without judgement, which is our natural state, we begin to unravel an awareness of why we do things. Why we feel the way we do, why we see what we see and why we function in the way that we do within the world. As we raise our internal awareness, our external world begins to shift as it is simply a reflection of our state of consciousness. When we reach a state of peace within, our world reflect that peace. Each of us is a facet of a collective whole consciousness. As we each shift our own awareness and beliefs and move towards a life that becomes a much lighter dance and more peaceful, it allows us to embrace who we truly are as creator souls.

The emotions of this reality were merely created so that we could experience a reality of disconnection from source, we have outgrown these experiences and are beginning to shift back to a state of balance and reconnection, bridging the gap between separation and fear, which in turn will result in bringing about oneness consciousness. A state of complete balance and harmony with all that is encompassed within the universe. From there, we can create a reality that is much less limiting. A reality WITHOUT limits. Earth and the universe is a playground, a playground that we have created. Being the creators that we are, we have the power to create whatever our hearts desire. I love you, as we are one in the same. Much love! .

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