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Some People Like This, and Always Will

When all this Covid crap started up my primary concern was why most people did not see what we saw.

Some People Like This, and Always Will

Then I began to realize they did see a lot of it, or at least most of them did, and they just didn’t care.

It is difficult to believe that people would not care about their own health, the health of their children, or the loss of their freedoms. But I believe that this is really the revelation I was looking for; they just didn’t care. And even weirder still, they actually liked what was happening. And they always will like it.

What exactly do I mean by that?

One thing I think we have all noticed right from the beginning is that the folks that scrambled to get the masks, fell in lockstep for the lockdowns, the social distancing, and then jumped to be the first in line for the vaccines, did all of this with a rather large dose of glee. Remember the little round band-aids they put over their vax holes they would show off on social media? Sure, they were scared, but most seemed to be scared in that sort of exhilarating way—excitement, a banding together in the face of adversity. “Together we can beat this thing! Who’s on board!?”

Of course, the rest of us were the ones NOT on board, and the “normie’s” excitement stopped with us. I can imagine how the anti-war dissenters felt during the two Great Wars of the 20th Century—these dissenters were practically unheard of, they were smashed pretty quickly and thoroughly. A bit noisier were the protesters of the Vietnam War in the United States. Were these, mostly young men and women, loved by the stock and barrel populous of America? Not on your life.

Today the dissenters are conspiracy theorists, anti-vaxxers (which is equivalent to being anti-life to most sheep-types) and science deniers. What joy it gives those who are winning one for the Gipper to hate such people, to push them out of the tribe, and label them despicable and deplorable. To be a sheep folk is like being part of the winning team. They like being the popular kids who are in good with the school principal and school administration and the popular teachers—anything for Uncle Sam or Johnny Canuck (or whatever patriarch or matriarch your country holds dear to its heart).

This is the wartime attitude; during peacetime (which to much of the masses, is right now) their attitude is even more befuddling. Anything that happens to these folks is absolutely fine by them. Digital currency, digital IDs, Pandemic Treaties, Universal Basic Income, intensified surveillance, restriction of freedoms and rights, blasting Gaza and Russia to bits, “Bring it on!” they scream. “Anything for the good of the nation!”

Truthfully, these folks wouldn’t know if a crocodile ate off their right leg as they hobbled along on the remaining left one. They are resilient, and nothing seems to bother them—until it does. Then it is easy enough to blame that annoying thing on something else. Of course, the favourite perpetrators of unpleasantries these days are Climate Change, Long Covid, or Russia (specifically Putin). Soon we may see others such as aliens from Planet Xeon. Whatever distraction works, and nearly anything works on these folks.

Now, I know I am painting a very dismal picture of these people, which may include your loved ones (it does include some of mine). But I don’t know what else to say. It just is the way it is.

In their defence, however, this subterfuge has been going on for quite some time. Most of us have been guilty of missing the evil that lies underneath all of the bright and shiny things the higher powers have dangled in front of us to coerce us to comply. It wasn’t until Covid that a lot of us woke up. Before that, their slowly heated-up pot kept many of us frogs from noticing anything going awry. When Covid struck, many alarms went off. Such alarms have gone off in the past as well, 9-11, WMD, and JFK’s death, among just a few. But Covid I think was their biggest test yet.

These major blips on the otherwise relatively smooth process of brainwashing have a two-fold purpose. First, they give those running the Agenda a chance to see how cooked the frog in the pot is. How far can we be pushed? What does it take before we start to waver? The second advantage is more important. Presenting these bigger-than-life scenarios makes the brainwashing even more effective. Creating a disaster that only the folks who created it can save us from, makes for an even more compliant population. Now when the powers say jump, the people will jump even higher. And they will be happy to, every time.

For the most part, however, it is best to insert the dagger slowly. If it is inserted slowly enough, the victim will not even feel it. Along with being rather unaware of the dagger, they are also happy to comply when the dagger is first offered, “sure, stick it in, I know you won’t hurt me, and I am happy to be part of what is necessary to make this a better world.” Once the dagger is fully inserted, the receiver dies.

If you look at any totalitarian regime in recent history, you will see few of them were taken by force. Long gone are the days when a powerful country or warrior marched into the land of a subordinate country and said, “Now all of you folks shut up, we be the boss.”

The last time I think that happened was during WWII, and it didn’t start that way. It also wasn’t presented that way until toward the end of the war, or until each country was methodically taken by Hitler’s Wehrmacht. Hitler made a deal with Austria, he sort of made a deal with Czechoslovakia (essentially France and England gave Hitler that one) he pressured his way into Poland saying Germany’s occupation would be the best thing that could happen to them. He did the same at nearly every turn until the last remaining countries (USSR, USA, a bloodied UK) said, “Wait a minute, we figured out what you are up to, get the f— back.”

Ukraine? Not the same folks, do some research if you see this as the mainstream is making it out to be. Anyway, the point I am making is that in most cases a totalitarian regime comes about, at least in the country of origin, as a welcomed change to the governmental structure by the very people who are intended to be slaves to the new system. And for the most part, they don’t even notice something not so pleasant has happened to them for quite some time.

So no wonder most people are now bopping along as if all is good in the hood. They have not had to pay $100 for a head of lettuce or a gallon of gas, and even when they do one day, probably sooner than you think, they will keep on that happy face and blame it on whatever poor sucker the government points to as the culprit.

As this gets deeper, we won’t even know what we are supposed to think is good anymore. The carrot will have rotted. On top of that, the news will be even more under the Agenda’s thumb than it is now and what information we receive about the rest of the world will not even hold a dim candle to the actual truth. Already we see this control slowly creeping into the legislature of Canada (see the Online News Act in Johnny Canuck’s lovely “soon-to-be Marxist” country).

Think Huxley’s Brave New World. Recently James Piloto mentioned on “New World Next Week” of the Corbett Report a Huxley interview back when where the insightful author said his view of the future—a “happy,” complacent, drugged out, society—was a more accurate depiction of our future than Orwell’s 1984. Piloto suggested Huxley’s future would be the carrot to precede Orwell’s stick. I believe I have suggested the same thing in several of my articles.

So what do we do? For the folks, us, who for whatever reason did not drink the Kool-Aid, things look dim. But we can always keep fighting, and keep attempting to live life around the totalitarian garbage that is being shoved down our throats. God bless us, every one.


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