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Soul Muscles

Oh, the changing definitions of words we’re being subjected to these days.

Soul Muscles

It boggles the best of minds. Ukrainian refugees are now Ukrainian draft dodgers. Vaccines e.g. used to be weak or inactive germs mixed and injected but now they’re also mRNA technology.

Freedom used to be a word of hope and peace and recognized the world over as what people all wanted but now it is a dirty word apparently only used by right-wing terrorists (at least here in Canada).

Just a few small examples but I suspect Mr. Klaus Schwab’s redefinitions take the cake so to speak.

Klaus Schwab of WEF’s The Great Regret (oops… I meant Reset) is running the world now. I don’t know if you know that. Well… he’s “ostensibly” running the world and for the sake of argument we will simply accept this.

Just when we came to terms with the new buzz word “poly-crises”, Mr. Schwab of the WEF has kindly informed us all that they are not “crises.” — They are “deep systematic transformational processes.” This is something I suspect he came up with after the Davos meeting where members expressed that they were concerned about the “capability of humans to cope with so many challenges at the same time.”

WEF’s Mr. Schwab assures us (in that redefinition type of way he has) that there is a difference: if it were a crisis we’d want to correct the problem but since its a transformation we simply need to manage change. Manage. There’s that favourite word. But never mind all that because he has told us that the single most important thing needed to “manage” this change is leadership. Yes. Leadership.

This is what Mr. Schwab has told world leaders at the World Government Summit he believes leadership involves: Soul, Brain, Heart, Good Muscles and Good Nerves (put on captions for this):

He helpfully gives us an explanation of what these stand for in his mind which is very important because he is seen as the leader of the leaders of what once was the free world:

Soul stands for purpose, for ambition. Brains for professionalism, for permanently upgrading your capabilities. Heart for passion. We have to be passionate about what we are doing, otherwise we will fail. Muscles for the capability to translate our vision into action, into impact. Good Nerves to have the resilience to withstand all the difficult situations….”

And that my friends, is why we have the governments we have right now. In a nutshell. It is why in first world nations now under obvious attack people are beginning to raise hell.

The real people. Not the beautiful people dressed in Schwab’s future utopian dreams jet-setting around the world. Not the people in that leadership cult but the ones who are suffering, aka the collateral damage of building utopia apparently. The ones who do not matter to leaders. At all.

According the Schwab, “soul” is now “ambition.” Soul—that word of poets and spiritual understanding and which we have always held precious in our sojourn here on earth…

“Brains” is now “upgrading” like a computer and not the inquisitive, thoughtful expanse of exploration, reason and creativity we used to think it was…

And do not tell us what “Muscles” is on the surface, just ask the people who protest anything to do with the coming utopia. They know full well what Muscle is.

And a leader does not need “good nerves” if that leader does not actually go about on a regular basis creating the difficult situations to begin with.

And “heart”…well let us leave that one alone. Obsession and cult-obedience is not passion. It might even be delusion.

But perhaps its being harsh to say such things of Mr Schwab. The truth is Mr Schwab is concerned that leaders understand their role and perhaps we should be grateful because he actually “does” understand the plight of the commoners, perhaps better understood by him as creatures that cause “difficult situations.” But, it is the job of the leaders to explain it to the people, says he.

Okay. So here’s the problem: they are doing a p*ss poor job on that one.

I don’t know why it is so hard really. Since we are facing “issues of existential importance to human kind,” poor Mr. Schwab has made a fatal mistake with his “system.” He has groomed and put charismatic ambitious young things in charge of countries while failing miserably to understand that these leaders haven’t got a clue how to talk to real people.

But worst of all, it would appear they can only accept praise and adoration. We are either children without a brain in our head to be commanded or baskets of deplorables or at least of no concern at all. These poor leaders are very unhappy with criticism.

Who are they to be criticized after all?

However, that is neither here nor there. We of the mooing herds while sleeping in our cars and eating catsup soup with crackers and fighting off the debt collectors, each other over social issues, and random violent criminals, well, we simply need to understand that we are not in a crisis but we are simply undergoing deep systematic transformational processes.

That’s such a comfort. I’m so comforted. Aren’t you?

Anyway, next week, having ripped myself apart for the week for having been critical of another human being or two because that is not in my nature these days really, I will instead focus on how to teach our leaders to relate to the people they are supposed to be representing. Maybe that will work. Nothing else has worked so far. If you have any ideas on this, please leave them in the comment section.

May the children of tomorrow dream away earworm:


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