Speak Your Truth, Regardless How Others React

I remove the weed. I plant the seed. I eliminate the need to see if they choose to feed. It’s in love, not greed that I continue this deed. If they wish to let it grow, in time it will show. That’s for them to know, if it does sow. I let that need to know, go. Say what resonates, and have solice in knowing that we can be ‘wrong’ at anytime. True wisdom lies in the fact that we may not know anything. It really is freeing to see it this way for now, you are open to new information at anytime with far less judgements. By insisting you are right, you are clinging and defending belief systems. This binds you to your ego. To release the shackles of ego, listen to the information that is presented to you with open ears of the heart. Feel with heart resonance if it is truth.

The external world will change when we change within. Eventually the world will shift accordingly, when enough of the mass consciousness does the internal work. People concentrate on changing the world, fighting for this cause or the next, and become frustrated when they see that things remain as they are. True change will occur from the inside. Look, observe, feel all your inner states. Remove the belief systems that are weighing you down. Watch when your ego is keeping you away from your natural state of peace. What story/emotion caused you to feel that way or behave in that way? Get to the core of the emotion or situation, observe it all...feel it in all its intensity and then, let it go. Do not judge yourself for behaving in a certain way, for situations arise for us to observe what we are still hanging onto to, in order for us to release it. Concentrate on changing yourself and though working on yourself, the world will change. In the meantime, if you feel compelled to continue to speak out against human rights, do so.Just remember: we ALL agreed to it ALL, every experience, even what is deemed as ‘negative.’ For the soul remains neutral, and applies no judgement to what it experiences. It is the mind that sees the situation as positive or negative. As you continue to spread awareness and truth to others, try to refrain how your message is received. It is ego, not unconditional love that fears or becomes upset when our message is not received in the way we expected. Share with love, and let go of the expectation on how it will be received. As you continue to spread spiritual messages, some people may state that your messages are flighty, unrealistic or idealistic. So be it, that is their perception. Do not let others judgements of your message silence your truth. Also, let go of the need for wanting people to believe that another world is possible. Those that will awaken to that truth in this lifetime will. Simply share with love knowing you are assisting with the awakening. Let go of the need to convert an awaking in people. It becomes exhausting and futile. You cannot force it upon people. The ones that are ready to hear your message will. Much love, Angie Mammoliti .

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