Swine Flu – The Truth
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Swine Flu – The Truth

Thought it might be time to bring some light to this subject as many are filled with fear and asking many questions.
Swine Flu – The Truth

It’s also important to note that more of these viruses will be created and spread as the Dark Forces continue to lose power. First, Swine Flu is not natural and it is not as deadly as the media makes it seem. Swine flu, created within the pharmaceutical industry was planned by the Dark Forces.

Their motive was to accomplish two things; one is a population filled with distractions and fear and the other is a good excuse to create a vaccine that they could administer to the population. At first, the population did not give in to the warnings to get the vaccination. This has a lot to do with the mass awakening going on. As the Dark Forces pushed harder, more was sent out to the collective in an attempt to create more fear about the “sickness.” The media came up with false numbers discussing the amount of deaths due to Swine Flu and sent out more warnings to get a vaccine. This is when people started to succumb to the calls as fear had took away their awareness and sanity.

The Vaccine – Vaccinations, of all types, contain many poisons known to humanity. A vaccine is essentially a packet of information for the human program. If you imagine a computer getting a virus it works much in the same way.

The vaccine lowers the immune system and numbs certain cells to tell the program that when it gets sick it should fear that sickness and push the body further into ailment.

These vaccines are the complete opposite of what we are told they are and we can easily see the Dark Forces plan at work here. As Swine Flu continues to be spread among the collective, more and more vaccine warnings will come out. Many countries are working to make vaccines mandatory. This clearly shows the panic of the Dark Forces as they lose more and more power over the people and are turning to anything to get their work done and keep the collective in a state of sleep. Do not fear. As you awaken to your souls purpose the need to experience such sicknesses diminish, for only those who need to experience it will. Your higher self has guided you here to read this and awaken, get back in touch and listen as it guides you the rest of the way.

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