The Big Bang Theory Illuminati Symbolism

I am sure that many of the eyes reading this have seen or heard of the very popular sitcom ‘The Big Bang Theory.’ With 20+ million views for each episode across North America, this TV series combines science and wit to form a fairly unique concept for viewers. However, what we are going to be looking at today is not a theory about how the entire universe may have formed, but instead the opening theme song and visuals for the show that are quite obviously making a statement. Lets have a look at the video first. You may have noticed it from watching the intro, but if you didn’t, have a another look and pay attention to the 11-12 second mark. In the very fast collage of images that is flashing through the screen we see a much longer pause take place during a particular image that appears right when they say “we built the pyramids.” Now I know many would jump quickly to suggest this is silly, but I ask you to think about it for a second. Why would THAT image of all images be slowed down to the point where it becomes the most obvious thing we see? “We built the pyramids” could have had any legitimate image of pyramids used, but instead they used the pyramid and all seeing eye that is the trademark of the Illuminati. We see it on the back of the american dollar bill, in music videos, in movies, in logo’s -why did they chose to use this one? Is it a coincidence that they not only decided to use this obviously non-ideal image of the pyramids but also extended the clip length of the image to be much longer than the others? Or is it more likely that they are using it in the same way they always use their symbolism? Have a look at this dollar bill image with the symbolism pointed out for each facet. It is important to note that on the other side of this bill sitting in the corner as shown, we see an owl. A large 40 foot stone owl happens to be the statue at the center of attention during the cremation of care ceremony that happens at Bohemian Grove every year where it has been confirmed that many world leaders and important figures meet for this ceremony. Again we must ask why? The Symbolism used in TV, movies, music, business logo’s etc, has increased over the years by the Illuminati. While some pass the incredible number of cases off as coincidence, a look into bloodlines, ancient times, and secret societies tells you there is no coincidence at all. It is believed that the use of symbolism in the public eye is a mockery to humanity as if to say “it’s right in front of you yet you don’t see it.” This is obviously referring to the fact that the Illuminati has been running and operating for centuries orchestrating the major facets of our world without the mass of humanity figuring out what is truly going on. The constant use is also something they have become proud of because they are able to make it more and more blatant without humanity figuring it out in a big way. If you pay close attention to music videos, pop stars, actors, TV shows, company logo’s etc, you will notice a very common trend amongst most of it that outright links key people, businesses and industry’s together -as if they are all working together under one common goal. .

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