The Big Myth: “This is How it Has to Be”
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The Big Myth: “This is How it Has to Be”

“Just look at us.Everything is backwards.Everything is upside down.
The Big Myth: “This is How it Has to Be”

n. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the major media destroy information, and religion destroys spirituality.” – Michael Ellner This myth often surpasses all others when you really take it into consideration and look at how we continue to operate the planet this way. How many times have you heard the statement “that’s the way of the world, get used to it.” Or “that’s how things are, you can’t change it.” Or even better, how often have you seen people simply jump of the band wagon of repeating this system and all it offers simply because they don’t know and feel inside of them that they can be doing something different or that we can be changing this whole system? When I was a kid I used to say to my parents “But this world and everything in it is man made, meaning man created all of this so we can of course un-create it and create something new! Can’t we?” “It’s not that simple.” Is what I always heard. I’m here to tell you it is that simple.

The belief in this myth is what disempowers all of us to feeling like we can make a difference and change the planet. A simple look into the understanding of how all this works will allow us to see that the belief in this myth is what continues to perpetuate our entire world. Starting with simple quantum physics, we find that when we look at all matter at its tiniest more basic form we realize that none of it is actually solid. It is simply constantly vibrating energy. Tables, chairs, books, napkins, people, animals, thumb tacks, dirt, the sun, the moon, other planets and the dust you find behind the refrigerator (serious dust) are all made of the same stuff! In fact EVERYTHING is made of the exact same stuff! It’s all vibrating matter that we define in this reality through the mind. Quantum physicists have been discovering this for the past while and are really being able to now fully understand that all matter is connected throughout the entire universe and it is all part of the same field of energy. “Quantum physicists discovered that physical atoms are vortexes of energy that are constantly vibrating. SO every material structure in the universe, including you and me, radiates a unique energy signature.” – Bruce Lipton Many who are connected through meditation as well are all reported experiences where they are seeing beyond the physical nature of our world and seeing that everything is simply vibrating matter all connected all made of the same stuff. So we have the actual scientific proof mixed with experiential proof that this is the case, so what does this mean for this myth? This means that everything we have in our universe and in our world is simply defined through the mind by belief as to what it is and how it should act. This means we as a collective define and create the reality. Lets understand this even further. If we take a look at an experiment made famous by physicist Thomas Young called “The Double Slit Experiment” we find mind boggling proof at just how powerful our observation as beings on this planet and in this universe truly is.

The long and short of the experiment essentially proved that at the quantum level all matter, which is just vibrating energy, BEFORE it is observed by someone, is PURE potentiality. It responds with every potentiality all at the same time. However, when the matter is observed and defined by the mind, it responds in a completely different way. It responds exactly how we would assume it would respond based on the confines of the experiment. This means our observation and mind was defining how the tiny bits of particles, or energy, should act. To fully understand and see how amazing this experiment is, my advice is pause this article and check out from 1:11:40 – 1:16:15 of this link. Here you will see a full and easy to understand animated explanation of the experiment. What this shows us is that our very observation and belief we hold in the mind about whatever it is we are observing is what is creating this reality. This is not a matter of theory but a physical truth we can observe. So let’s look at this myth now, if we believe or feel the world needs to be the way it is then we are simply continuing to perpetuate it. If we continue to do all that we do in this world without taking on and making change a real option inside of us, we are continuing to perpetuate this world. If we are constantly giving our power away to higher things or other people we are taking away the very understanding we have within us that we can change our reality on a collective scale. Combined with taking some physical action, we need to understand and make a part of us that we have the capability as an individual to change our reality here. Heck, we are defining it right now! Why do we think we can’t change it? That’s the basic fact of the matter. Your world is currently being created by you already, so the idea that you can’t create a new world is like believing this one doesn’t exist! Do we need everyone on the planet to change? No. We only need a fraction of the planet to actually begin to take on and make changing this world a part of them in order to see the world change. This is because there is very little energetic belief continuing to hold up this current world. “Observations not only disturb what is to be measured.

They produce it.” – Pascual Jordan The important thing to remember about creating a new world is this: we DO NOT have to adhere to or keep any of what we are playing with today. Meaning we do not have to feel limited to all the limitations we have today surrounding how we use energy, the use of money, how we interact, how we use transportation, jobs, food etc. We can create an entirely new world. It doesn’t have to stop at any particular point. Example, we don’t need to create more jobs for fairness because we don’t even need to have jobs nor use money. In our natural state beyond the programming humanity is united. No, not in any form people bring up in terms of NWO and one world this or that. I’m talking a basic love and connection to other humans around you. We are not designed to want to kill each other, see each other as separate or different. We are designed to love and allow each person to grow as they need with no judgment required. Now yes, there will be a bit of a transitional period where we will phase out things now and bring in things that are a step ahead, but we do not have to move in baby steps changing small things at a time. We can dismantle this entire world and create something totally new that we continue to change and evolve as we continue to change and evolve. And we will. We are pure potentiality! Take the time to really take in what this article is saying and reflect on it in your own life. Try not to simply brush it off as going against your current beliefs. Really look at it and understand what the examples above are showing.

There is a very powerful universal truth and understanding here that can help reshape our entire world. .

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