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The Danger of Electromagnetic Fields

The Danger of Electromagnetic Fields

Electricity is a bigger cause of problems and far more dangerous than most people imagine.  If you spend most of your day close to or working with an electricity supply or electrical equipment, the chances of developing cancer are considerably increased.

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By Dr. Vernon Coleman

There are many ways in which our modern environment can cause cancer, can damage the human immune system and can increase our susceptibility and vulnerability to many different types of disease – including infections and cancer.

But electricity is almost certainly a much bigger cause of problems – and far more dangerous – than most people imagine.

If you spend most of your time working with or close to an electrical appliance, if you live or work near to an electricity supply line or if you spend your days working with electrical equipment then the chances of you developing cancer of one sort or another are considerably increased.

Of course, the men in suits won’t tell you this. They’ll frighten you half to death about minority threats such as AIDS and radon because the former is a politically and commercially useful threat and the latter seems like an excellent way to boost the building industry, but they won’t give you any warning about the danger of electricity because they don’t want to annoy the many large and powerful business interests which sell, market, service or supply electricity and electrical equipment.

I certainly think that the evidence is pretty convincing. And in America, where people only vote with their wallets when they really believe something, house prices near to electricity supply lines have fallen dramatically in recent years.

Just look at these facts:

* The dean of a school of public health has said: “The present state of affairs is like the correlation between smoking and lung cancer 30 years ago.” He added that, at a conservative estimate, a third of all childhood cancers are caused by electrical fields.

* A study of nearly 500 children showed that children whose mothers used electric blankets when they were pregnant were two and a half times as likely to develop brain tumours.

* A study of nearly 700 children showed that children who lived in houses near to power distribution lines were two or three times as likely to die of leukaemia or brain tumours.

* A study at an American University showed that men who work as electricians or electrical engineers are ten times as likely to develop certain types of brain tumour.

* Experts found that workers for a telephone company who worked alongside electricity power lines were seven times as likely to develop leukaemia.

In my view, the threat doesn’t just come from power lines – any electromagnetic field can be a danger. The closer you are to an electrical or magnetic field – the greater the danger.

The industry experts don’t agree with me about these hazards. They insist that electricity is safe. But would they tell you if they thought it wasn’t? And can you trust them?

In my view, there is ample evidence to show that people who spend too much time close to electrical appliances (and, in particular, to power lines) are more likely to develop cancer. Not that cancer is the only possible hazard associated with electricity. Severe and persistent headaches, muscle pain, otherwise unexplained fatigue, damaged immune system (with a resultant increased susceptibility to infection as well as cancer), Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue syndrome (myalgic encephalomyelitis), cataracts and pregnancy problems are some of the other possible dangers which may be linked to exposure to electromagnetic fields and radiation.

While writing this book I received information that the American government has suppressed research work which took nine years to complete and which verified the link between electrosmog (electromagnetic fields), cerebral illnesses and cancer.

The suppressed report was compiled for the US government and I am informed that it concludes: “Even weak electromagnetic fields can impair health … They lead to disturbance of the production of the hormone melatonin, which is known to be an important biochemical link. A deficit in this hormone favours the developing of, for example, breast cancer as well as the developing of degenerative cerebral illnesses such as Parkinson’s disease or Alzheimer’s disease, but also brings on heart problems.”

The suppressed report also confirms that electromagnetic fields can bring on leukaemia in children.

“In addition,” continue the authors of the report, “there is an increased risk of developing leukaemia and also brain tumours for adults who are exposed to strong fields due to their professions.”

The assumption is that the electromagnetic fields cause a disturbance in the biochemical function of the cells, or influence certain genes. Both mechanisms can cause permanent damage to the cells. (Genetic engineers use electromagnetic radiation to open cell membranes and insert alien genes.)

The authors of this suppressed report also point out that interactions between electromagnetic rays and the cells of the immune system can favour the beginning of cancer – and that the influence of electromagnetic fields on the reproductive organs may cause disease there too.

The authors of this suppressed study demand that more research be done and that threshold values for the intensity of electromagnetic fields be lowered to a level that would be exceeded by modern electrical wiring and ordinary household appliances.

The study also suggests that overhead power lines may be a significant threat to human health. The threshold values recommended by this suppressed US report are 5,000 times lower than the internationally recognised threshold values.

It is not difficult to see why the US government has suppressed this report. If the findings of the report were implemented vast industries would be affected and very few factories, offices or homes would be considered safe.

As an interim measure the authors of this study demand that what they call the “permanent radiation bombardment” to which we are all subjected should be reduced step by step. They recommend that all overhead power lines should be removed from residential areas and that houses and schools should no longer be built anywhere near to power lines.

Sadly, I am less surprised by the fact that this report was suppressed than I would have been if it had been published. Modern politicians are controlled by big companies and their lobbyists.

The above is taken from ‘Superbody: How to Boost Your Immune System’ (2014) by Vernon Coleman.

About the Author

Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc practised medicine for ten years. He has been a full-time professional author for over 30 years. He is a novelist and campaigning writer and has written many non-fiction books.  He has written over 100 books which have been translated into 22 languages. On his website,,  there are hundreds of articles which are free to read.

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