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Dr. Mike Yeadon: Pandemics, digital control, eugenics and depopulation

On 21 November 2022, former Pfizer scientist Dr.

Dr. Mike Yeadon: Pandemics, digital control, eugenics and depopulation

Mike Yeadon joined the World Council for Health to discuss the truth behind the depopulation agenda.  Recently Gaz shared a “flashback” with a video he had made last year which included a short clip from this interview.

“Seen from the perspective of mid-2024, I believe my remarks made a few years before are actually moderate,” Dr. Yeadon wrote in a Substack note commenting on Gaz’s video. “I want to add a note missing from this film.”

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Eugenics and Population Control

The following is a note posted by Dr. Mike Yeadon on Substack.

It’s sobering to hear my own words inserted within a context of eugenics and population control. Additionally – over and above the deep concerns that I already had.

Seen from the perspective of mid-2024, I believe my remarks made a few years before are actually moderate. At the time I made them, I knew they were controversial yet, of the competing explanations for what has already happened, totalitarian tendencies and likely depopulation were by far the better fit to the observations.

I want to add a note missing from this film [see ‘Flashback – 15’ by Gaz below]. It has been asserted from before Malthus and certainly since (Club of Rome, etc) that the human population is or soon will be “beyond the sustainable carrying capacity of Earth.” There is no evidence for this assertion, beyond the slippery slope argument. I note that everywhere other than a few sub-Saharan countries, the birth rate is insufficient to maintain population. In other words, population is no longer growing in a manner likely to result in the scenarios darkly hinted at.

No, I observe power groups misusing the mendacious overpopulation claims in order to gain buy-in for an elected depopulation agenda. That population would fall naturally, even if governments wanted to resist this. In no country, once birth rates fall below replacement, has this trend ever been reversed. Therefore, no action was ever required to reduce the population.

Additional to lying about overpopulation, we detect the same stakeholders who lied about pandemics and about the countermeasures allegedly required to save us from it, also lying about human-induced climate change.

It’s the same self-proclaimed elites, exposing their intensely anti-human beliefs, who have lied about all of these alleged threats. Of overpopulation, of human-induced climate change, of all but inevitable risks of infectious disease pandemics, of the necessity of imposing countermeasures, which destroy the economy and civil society, and absurdly accelerated alleged vaccines for everyone, which we designed intentionally to injure, kill and reduce fertility in survivors.

These same self-proclaimed elites intend to complete the installation of a digital, totalitarian control system which will not only cede to them totalitarian control over every aspect of our lives but will also allow them to execute a depopulation agenda through mRNA-based “vaccines.” To oppose this installation, I respectfully urge you to decline a new, global format, digital ID, refuse to allow the restriction and abolition of cash and loudly to reject any requirement of the population to be subject effectively to mandatory injections in order to access your own lives.

Finally, given the extreme censorship under which people like me now operate, I strenuously ask that you take personal responsibility to ensure this interpretation of events is shared as widely as possible. Peaceful, mass objection to this emerging totalitarian dictatorship is as far as I can see the only way effectively to oppose its baleful influence.

[For those who want to watch Dr. Yeadon’s full 2022 interview with the World Council for Health, you can watch it on Rumble HERE or BitChute HERE.]

Flashback – 15 by Gaz

“Let’s Talk About Sustainability & Thinning the Herd” – First published 4 October 2023

Sometime in early 2022, after a fair bit of reading and listening to a large number of very qualified professionals, I attempted to make some sense of what was really behind the so-called coronavirus pandemic. What resulted was the “mind map” above. I am not pretending to have any “inside information.” I’m merely a mortal man caught in the tirade of circumstances. Trying to make some sense of it all with the information at hand.

Recently, Unbekoming used my “mind map” in his Substack post ‘The Swarm’. The post featured a video presentation of Dr. Shiva Ayyaduria, MIT PhD, explaining his hypothesis of how the “few control the many.” My diagram was a polite inclusion to stimulate feedback. Not surprisingly, most of that feedback was related to Dr. Shiva.

However, no explanation was given regarding my “mind map” and to be honest, I’ve not recorded my thoughts in writing in any detail. I will at some point in time. Though, it’s fair to say the previous 14 Flashbacks are, in many ways, flashes of explanation about certain components of the “mind map.”

There is one part, population control (last ‘Hidden Agenda’ item on the bottom left of the “mind map”), that is specifically explained by one of my videos. Please bear in mind, when watching the video below, it’s a hypothesis. However, I am confident there are many, many people who believe they have enough evidence to state, “population control is more than likely a component of the covid ‘emergency’ than not.”

[Note: We are unable to embed the video included at the end of Gaz’s Substack article so we have embedded a hyperlink to his article in the image below. If you click on the image, it will take you to his article and you will find his video at the bottom.]

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