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The Deep Rig Documentary

Last elections in United States have been the most questioned elections in the history of the country's democracy

The Deep Rig Documentary

How the things happened during the night of November 3rd 2020 and so during the following days, has been justified - by a diversity of news outlets and their hired faces - using several arguments. The massive amount of mailing ballots casted, mostly, due to the exceptional covid situation, were - as many argued - received at night, so the counting process took a long time to be completed. That's why, around 22:00 they (people supposedly following orders of elected officials) sent home the election integrity observers of the counterpart. Later on that night, the election workers in charge of the counting, started the counting process again, this time, without anyone present to do the counting oversight.

There is video evidence from security cameras, of this actually taking place in at least 2 different States at around the same time.

The curious thing is: many media outlets were announcing the victory of the Democratic party, even if, at the late evening, the Republican party had a consistent advantage. This fact, can be tied up together with the Bernie Sanders testimony that appears in the documentary, explaining, weeks before, how the election would be taking place, specially with the swift of vote percentage occurred during the night.

There is an ongoing Election audit in Arizona, probably another one in Georgia will start soon, after some evidence was found by legal authorities, also Wisconsin might start an audit process soon.

The Deep Rig documentary is a great explanation of the undergoing activity taking place with Dominion voting machines, paper ballot manipulation, ghost voter ballots and other cheating techniques supposedly used during the last election on November 3rd 2020.

Here it is the (leaked) full version of the documentary. Since it is not our scope to diminish the profits to the producers of this great audiovisual material, but to share it with the open public to amplify the effects of the informative object, we understand it has been posted time enough to address this objective, therefore we'll remove this link during the next week, by the next 23rd July 2021.

In case the previous link is unavailable, here it is the official trailer of the documentary

Judge by yourself.


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