The Economic Collapse Becomes That Much More Obvious
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The Economic Collapse Becomes That Much More Obvious

It’s January 22nd 2010 and we are seeing some real rocky stuff in the financial sector of the world right now, beautiful.
The Economic Collapse Becomes That Much More Obvious

While many of the people are still under the impression that the economy will come back, the big guys at the top are well aware of what’s coming. Japan is seeing their government under pretty big scrutiny right now as they are struggling with a budget blowout, financial scandals and falling voter support. This comes as promises to rebuild the economy seem to be too far gone and the fears are that the damage and cut is too deep for repairing, much like in Greece as of right now. This is brought to attention because it’s important to note that outside of our little backyards, it doesn’t matter where we go we are going to see struggle within all of our structures. This is a basic fact that we need to see and come to terms with before lying to ourselves and saying “it’s all coming back and will stabilize!” Not a chance. There is one really wise thing that is said in this video that can really be appreciated: “They are prisoners of the old way of doing things.” This couldn’t be more of humanity in a nutshell right now. We are all very much “stuck” in how we do things and even when being forced to change we are hanging on for dear life. It’s time to let go, we have gotten several signs now. China is also showing signs that they are ready to move on as well, possibly unconsciously but its definitely giving the collective something to think about. After dumping all of their USD into gold because the USD is on its way to collapse, not only is it backfiring by having gold drop but China is now a very big player in the slow of the false “economic recovery” we are seeing. After announcing their banks would halt lending for the remainder of January, we saw North American, European and Asian markets all drop in a big way. This comes with announcements that “the recovery will not happen near as fast as we would like.” Fortunately for humanity, we probably won’t see much more of one at all. Notice how in the video below the woman anchor asks “Can’t we be happy for Goldman Sachs?” While she may have just been playing the devil’s advocate here, I would like to draw attention to the notion she brings up. Sure we can be happy for GS as they get rich and prosper even through a downturn like this. But lets turn attention to the people, the citizens, they are the ones that pay for the companies to recover, they are still the ones with no money and stability in the end.

The cycle is and will always be, as the economy is brought to a downturn by the Elite, money is sucked out of the people and into the hands of the big bankers. How long will we keep playing with this? What we are seeing here is a combination of collective consciousness playing its role in asking for change with the universe presenting situations and events that will continue to urge us and push us along the track of change. With no solid energetic structure holding these structures in place, they are all sitting on quicksand held up by the fear of the people as day by day we overcome more of it. We are not all that far off now in terms of taking out the final pillar holding up the biggest limitation in our entire society – Finance. Peace Joe .

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