The Great Conjunction In Aquarius: Entering A New Era
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The Great Conjunction In Aquarius: Entering A New Era

This text is taken from my previous Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius article.A major Astrological event is happening on the December 21st Solstice which has long term implications.
The Great Conjunction In Aquarius: Entering A New Era

Jupiter and Saturn are aligned which is something that occurs every 20 years. It is referred to as ‘Great’ or ‘Grand’ because these are the largest planets with the biggest orbits that are visible with the naked eye.

These qualities reflect how they have a strong long term influence on our society at large when they are in alignment. You can also meet and chat with like minds! Click here to join. Whenever there is a conjunction of any planets (or luminaries) it initiates a new cycle and ends a previous one. Similarly as when it is a New Moon, it is ending and beginning a cycle between the Sun and Moon. However, in this case we are not only beginning a new 20 year cycle but it is also solidifying a new era in which we will have Jupiter-Saturn cycles almost exclusively in Air signs for nearly 200 years, with the exception of a cycle in Scorpio in 2159.

The cycles of Jupiter and Saturn represent the coming together of structures and beliefs that influence how society functions, builds, and is systemized. However, it affects many aspects of society, even beyond that description. In the last 200 year window we have been in an Earth period in which there has been more of a general focus on practicality, physical resources, routine, materialism, asset building, realism, regularity, and capitalism throughout society.

The Air period reflects more of a focus on innovation, ideas, intellect, the mind, reason, information, certain types of freedom, and social aspects of life.

The internet, computing, and digital technology is very much connected to the Air element. In comparison to Earth, Air can also be more inconsistent with change happening at faster rates. We have actually been transitioning into the Air period since the early 80’s when we had the first Grand Conjunction in Air (in Libra) but then the following one was in Earth in the year 2000 (in Taurus).

Therefore the last 40 years have been a transition from one to the other, and a blend of both. Now as we approach the new cycle in Aquarius it will keep recurring in Air for the long haul over the next few centuries as we are currently fading out of the Earth period. This Aquarius cycle will put more of an emphasis on technology, community, equality, science, humanitarianism, the collective, progressiveness, along with a blend of rationality and idealism.

There can be pros and cons depending on your personal beliefs and preferences. Socialism and communism are very much Aquarian along with transhumanism, artificial intelligence (AI), and the merging of humans with computing technology. Interestingly, the exact conjunction is occurring on the December 21st Solstice which is a very symbolic and potent time of the year for transitions. This conjunction will be happening right at the first degree of Aquarius which is also strongly reflective of new beginnings. Another interesting thing is that this is the closest conjunction of these planets in nearly 800 years which puts another exclamation mark on its significance and the symbolization of entering a new era. Some people believe that we are now officially going into the Age of Aquarius which lasts for over 2000 years and is based on a larger precessional cycle.

The exact beginning date of this age is a grey area and is something that is debated amongst astrologers as there can be different markers for the beginning and ending of it. Also, the observation of these 2000 year ages is something that has only been discussed for the last few hundred years in Western Astrology and is apparently absent in older astrological texts.

Therefore this is not acknowledged widely within the astrological community as a whole. Personally, it seems to me that there is some relevance to these 2000 year ages however it is still not totally clear. If these ages are a real thing, regardless of the actual start date, then we may be close to the cusp of the Aquarian age. Although the ages have nothing to do with the position of the planets, this Jupiter-Saturn conjunction can be reasonably theoretically seen as a planetary representation of the ushering in of the Aquarian age. But keep in mind this is all theoretical and the transitions from one age to the next lasts hundreds of years regardless. Either way, we are still entering a 20 year Aquarian period and solidifying an approximately 200 year Air period. Gain more astrological insight into what is going on in your life and have a better understanding of your individual potentials.

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