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The Great Reset

The Great Reset

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As Sol transits the Dark zone, we expect a further deterioration in the expression of consciousness of some of the planetary beings. Those on Sphere 3 — a superlative creation utilizing all the material elements in intricate harmonic levels (see Appendix 1: Earth) — are particularly vulnerable.

The decline there is now about ten thousand solar years long and has followed a well-established pattern. As you know, the structure of these beings is dual, consisting of a material body and associated mind or soul, Sol’s light acting as a conduit to carry and so manifest the ever-unfolding expression of this star’s nature (Appendix 2: The Human Constitution and Participative Perception).

The attenuation of this conduit, which connects to the heart of the being and is its highest faculty or spirit, has led to the following — at times amusing — outcomes.

First, there was a movement away from a close harmony with Earth, and an inclination to dismantle and rearrange it.

(Appendix 3: Into the Dark, Nature as Other covers the transition to a sedentary existence, elaborate artificial dwellings and body coverings, producing food rather than collecting it, over-valuing materiality, ownership of parts of the planet, an aberrant social hierarchy and destructive technology, knowing replaced by beliefs, increasingly extravagant visual and auditory art forms, reliance on written symbolic communication, and so forth.)

At this stage not all beings were adversely affected. A minority were able to preserve a knowledge of the operation of the Sun by making it the hidden kernel of various artistic, literary and religious traditions (see Appendix 4: The Emerald Tablet of Hermes, Plato’s Allegory of the Sun, and the Gayatri Mantra).

Nostalgia for what was, and an inner sense of decline and an instinctive aversion to it, were also instilled in the psyche (see Appendix 5: Imprinting the Sacred, from Golden Age to Iron Age). However, this only forestalled the inevitable.

Collapse of even a belief in the highest faculty started around 500 years ago. It left a being divorced from Reality and the accession of the normally subservient reasoning faculty. Left floundering, the beings hailed this turn of events as a Renaissance, and with their attention turned away from ‘heaven’, began developing their physical and mental proclivities in earnest.

This inculcated a novel system — the utilization of the senses and reason alone in an attempt to fathom the now-forgotten essence of Nature (see Appendix 6: Science, the Wayward Path).

Truth, Goodness and Beauty waned; belief in an inert Nature prevailed; obsession with materiality grew. The higher faculty, the true potentiality of humanity, and a sentient universe were re-categorized as ‘magical thinking’.

Science proceeds by the comparing of one thing with another. Parts of the material universe are made into apparatus, which are then used to measure other parts. Essence remains undiscovered of course. But this method drives the creation of increasingly elaborate tools which allow an increasingly powerful analysis of matter. This machine technology of ever more sophisticated range has led to devices that can render the ecosphere dysfunctional, and instruments that disrupt human mentation.

The system which used elements rare on Earth, such as gold and silver, to represent and facilitate the exchange of material goods, was commandeered by those most obsessed by materiality. The substitution of paper allowed the established practice of usury to be greatly enhanced, enabling wealth to migrate into fewer and fewer hands (see Appendix 7: The Fractional Reserve System, the Great Banking Families, and Three Centuries of Market Manipulation).

A further stage, now underway, is the substitution of paper money with invisible digital money, allowing the very wealthy to syphon off even the little still owned by the rest. The most serious aspect of the sustained attempt by a minority to own the planet is the alignment of great wealth with innovative science, since it portends an amoral class of beings with vast destructive power. (Appendix 8: The Appropriation of Earth’s Resources and All Artefacts by the Few, and Appendix 9: Evolution of the Technological Means to Control Human Thinking and Emotion.)

You ask about the small green island toward one pole, and especially of the mystics who reside there. There are none now. Those who had direct experience of the Light were replaced in the last hundred years by those who only spoke of it (see Appendix 10: William Blake, the Scientific Enterprise, and the Eclipse of Mystic Consciousness).

Further, the obscuring of the Light led, two hundred and fifty years ago, to a proposal to override that hierarchy which, operating correctly, is a reflection in the collective sphere of that found in the individual being. Some inhabitants of the island who had ventured over the sea and established a colony on a continent there, replaced the monarchical system with a form of Rule by the People. Much effort was made to ensure its success.

It didn’t work. Since the majority elect a few to represent them, they inevitably choose those of a similar consciousness. Hence, the tendency of democracy has been ever downward, towards a Rule by the Fools (see Appendix 11: Guénon’s Reign of Quantity Applied to Forms of Government).

Notwithstanding this failing, the colony has maintained its self-belief, and is more or less heedless of the interests of those not inhabiting its area of Earth. Its imperialism is the chief cause of disharmony.

In the island you revered, and elsewhere, the various propensities indicated above have almost reached a nadir. Belief in the higher realities has all but disappeared, hence the education systems are defective. The rational faculty is starting to erode, leaving only instinctive emotion and sense experience as motivating factors.

The antics of members of the governing bodies resemble the court fools of the era you experienced, absent a hidden wisdom, with the mental proclivities, demeanor and even countenance of the juvenile form of the beings (see Appendix 12: Contemporary Government, Psychopathy and Infantilism). Insight, empathy and goodwill are missing; they have adopted the inclinations of the monied class.

As this report is being assembled there is an attempt to utilize the activity of a microorganism to subjugate by instilling fear and disrupting all social functioning (see Appendix 13: The Role of Viruses in Homeostasis and the Natural Mortality of Earth’s Lifeforms, and Appendix 14: Psychological Methods for Human Control).

Some more perceptive beings speculate that the goal is to instigate an inversion of the current order, whereby a minority of materialist imbeciles impose a tyranny over the rest.

However, the level of coercion and violence perpetrated on the majority, the drive to introduce substances that could initiate extreme mutagenesis, and the instigation of a global artificial intelligence technology that would make the beings redundant, suggests an eclipse of the remaining mental functioning. We believe there has been a rupture in the boundary between the physical world and the infernal and that non-human forces have begun to infiltrate.

As you know, the final stage of Sol’s transit means that no information reaches us, after which there is a nearly instantaneous reset to normality. The beings will be alone during this time. Given the unusual circumstances pertaining at present, there is a chance they will be overwhelmed, which means a complete disruption of the soul, and Earth dying away. As the poet says, “The fire of suns makes and unmakes worlds, and even the most beauteous lights therein are extinguished.”

As in the previous occurrences, the deeply instilled ideas of the Good, of the forces of Darkness, of spiritual struggle, should provide momentum sufficient to carry them through.

Nevertheless, we agree with your view. Compassion dictates some form of revelation. To this end we propose to have this report (modified as necessary to conform with the conscious state of the beings) disseminated. Forums are limited, but it can be inserted within one of the remaining broadcast media in which truth is tolerated.

No more than a breath upon the remnant Light that flickers in memory, it may assist in awakening the necessary resistance.

We await the exit of Sol from the Dark zone, the great Reset, and the reinstatement of the Golden Age.

— Chief Researcher/Archivist, Outer Periphery Records.


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