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The Illuminati And Popular Culture

Popular culture refers to a plethora of phenomena that include ideas, perspectives and attitudes within the mainstream of a given culture.

The Illuminati And Popular Culture

When referring to popular culture, one is usually referring to the western world, basically the mainstream of the entire global population. A topic of high popularity and interest among all age groups, especially with youth and young adults is the Illuminati.

The Illuminati are an ancient secret society that is well known in the history of philosophy, mysticism and occultism. If you don’t believe in the Illuminati, you still can’t deny the fact that a small group of people and the corporations they own, run the world and it’s resources. It’s not hard to follow the money to the top of the pyramid and make connections to energy, education, health and other industries that govern different aspects of our everyday lives. You also can’t deny the symbolism that is put out into mainstream media, corporation logos, health logos, monetary and other parts of society that the masses are constantly engaged in. Most are aware of it’s position within the American dollar bill for example. It’s even the official patch for the information awareness office, which is part of the department of defense that was put into place by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). If that doesn’t make you scratch your head, then I would be surprised. What is happening within DARPA? What are they keeping from the human race and what is their agenda? It’s no wonder why so many people are wondering about the meaning behind this type of symbolism, and why it is used by the ones we hand our power over to without question. I am certain most are aware of the logo. A common criticism for the widely used logo is that those in power are just playing with us, using it because they know it gets attention. This claim can easily be debunked, as it has existed well before the Illuminati became well known in popular culture. Also, I don’t think that DARPA would be putting the logo out there to play with the minds of the human race, the information awareness office is not a well known agency. I also think that anything that could be ‘good’ or possibly beneficial for the human race is covered up in secrecy and concealment. Making the jump from a group of people, along with the multinational corporations they hide behind into mysticism and occultism is what the mind tends to run away from. It’s basically fear of acknowledging that other concepts of reality do exist, and some choose to play with it on a level that would not resonate with you, me or most other human beings for that matter.

They are the keepers of hidden knowledge, but what happens when that knowledge is not hidden anymore? We are living in the age of transparency, more and more people are beginning to see past the curtain that has been blinding the masses. So what gives them their power? It’s not the fact that they are positioned at the top of every major structure we play with. It’s not a believed pact that they hold with a so called Satanic figure or any other popular fact or belief.

The answer is simple, it’s us. Whether you don’t believe in their existence, couldn’t care less or support their cause, you are a contributing factor just as I am.

The elite rely upon us to maintain the level of control that they have on the planet.

They maintain their power through fear, a fear of what the world would be like without them. Most of us live our lives in fear of something, we go to school in fear of not having a job, we drink fluoride in fear of tooth decay, we dress up based on our fear of what others think, etc. Most of our actions and reasons for doing what we do in our life is based on fear of a certain outcome if we don’t do them. We think that our current way of life is “how it is” when really, it’s not. Even if you don’t believe in the Illuminati, it doesn’t hurt to question the structures and actions that we are surrounded by in our everyday lives. We don’t have to be scared to find certain things out anymore, because ultimately it leads to a beautiful truth. Click on the link to access the article “The Perceived Power Of The Illuminati” Information Awareness Office discontinued it’s website, I wonder why it did and probably still does. As you can see below, you can also visit the homepage of DARPA’s website and use the search engine. .

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