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The Innocence of the Agenda

Let’s take a moment to look at the agenda through the loving eyes of the “sheep-types”.

The Innocence of the Agenda

In fact, let’s do away with the concept of sheep for a moment, and see those who seem to be blind as fellow citizens, fellow humans, and fellow travelers on this perilous path through life.

Let’s see them with love, compassion, and empathy. Let’s say we are all sheep—all blind to some things, but with the earnest intention to see what we need to see in order to navigate in a healthy manner on this journey, thus considering ourselves, and our brethren. We are all one (I mean that sincerely)—those who have eyes, see, and those who have ears, hear.

Don the sheep’s coat of silky, warm, and safe, wool for a moment, and look through their eyes. What do they see?

First of all, they see innocence in the agenda. They see government and non-government leaders and other persons of authority as doing their best to make our lives safe and more comfortable. And why not? Not only have we all been brainwashed since little children to see government, at least in a democratic society, to be benevolent.

After all, they work for us, don’t they? There is also a very strong history of benevolent government in our North American culture (so we are told). Books, movies, songs, myths, fairy tales, all have done their share in pounding into us the virtue of great American leaders such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin and the equivalent luminaries for Canucks.

The Great British Empire came before us, leading the Great-White-Male-Christian way throughout the world with their prim and proper style of imperialism and colonization. Damn those Wogs, Klings and Pakis, we know better.

I have nothing at all against “the Christian way” or even “the white way” in and of itself. It is understandable that much of the world, for most of its “civilized history,” was dominated by these two powerful forces—Christianity and whiteness. Not because of any sort of Christian or white virtue, but simply because of the roll of the dice (really?)—it just so happened that the most powerful people with the most money were both Christian and white—and male too, come to think of it.

I am myself a white Christian male, and although I have nothing against any of those three elements that make up my physical and spiritual self, I can certainly see how most of us in the free world have come to find beings that fit those criteria to be powerful, righteous, virtuous, and for the most part benevolent (at least to those made up of similar features). At least that is what we have been told, as well as were taught.

Of course, if you dig only a tiny bit below the surface you will see that not too many of these folks actually fit this virtuous model. In fact, humans of this sort have been more often than not, greedy, loathsome, treacherous, and evil. Who knew? Apparently not too many of us are good at reading a room. And again, I will reiterate, not all greedy, loathsome, treacherous, and evil men are white and Christian (or men for that matter), far from it. But those are the variety that we in the West are mostly accustomed and acclimated to. That may all change in time. All things change in time.

So, what’s my point? Well, my point is that we really have lots of reasons (so we think) to be trusting of the guys in the white hats (and the white coats as well, but that’s a slightly different story). It’s a line and profile we have been fed for quite some time. Since day one actually. Remember too, no one votes for an ugly politician. You can’t trust them unless they are pretty.

We are told all these people who run the show are, particularly if they claim to be, innocent. And of course, they will always claim that they are innocent. They will also claim they were doing the best they could, for the betterment of society. They will also, in the midst of the smoldering battlefield strewn with the dead and dying, claim what they did was for the best. “It was to ward off climate change, it was to stop the deadly virus, it was to preserve democracy, it was for peace in Europe, it was for peace in the Middle East.”

And why not?

These are all noble causes. These are all causes we can stand behind, even if the actions the “powers that be” implemented failed miserably to accomplish the said goal, at least they tried. “The reason we told you was a good reason, even if it wasn’t the real reason.”

We believe they all thought it was a good reason. They will undoubtedly say: “We didn’t know the climate was not actually changing when we took away your cars, your travel, your heat, your air conditioning, your food, your water, your freedoms. We actually thought it would make a difference.”

Innocent. Ha, ha.

And people will go along with this. They already have as the “powers that be” begin to implement their plan to fight the horrors of Mother Nature (weather and other natural disasters), who has been angered with the belligerence of the “way too many” human beings occupying the planet—with their plastic straws, plates and spoons, and all that other household garbage they lazily throw into landfills and into the ocean.

In 15 years or less people will be living in “Smart Cities” with roadblocks placed strategically to slow traffic, or block access.

People probably won’t even own cars then. They will not need to venture more than 10 minutes from their home. They will be eating bugs as their main food staple, they will live in 100º F heat in their homes in the summer and 30º F cold, or worse, in the winter because their fuel has been rationed. No one will travel anywhere anymore because all common air travel will have been outlawed.

But no one will really care, “this is the price we have to pay for being such assholes about our environment for so many years, we deserve it.” And when we are told all of these sanctions and restrictions didn’t do any good in controlling the adverse weather conditions, or the conservation of the planet’s resources, people will say, “well, it still was a good thing to do. God knows where we would be if we were not taking care of it now.”

Meanwhile, big industry will still be pumping millions of metric tons of pollutants into the air, rivers, and oceans. And the elite, the benevolent, innocent ones, will still be living the opulent lifestyle they were living 15 years before.

“It wasn’t their fault, they were only trying to make it good, trying to show us how bad we’ve all been, they were doing it for us.” Meanwhile, as mentioned before, “they” are all flying around in their million-dollar private jets, enjoying the life that we all used to enjoy, but no longer are allowed to. The Gods should live the good life, eh?

Human beings have always thought this and allowed it, look at the worldwide monarchy phenomenon of not-so-distant times (and still going on in the UK). The rich and famous deserve their celebrity, and their perks, regardless of what it brings to the lowly serfs below them. The useless eaters. Yep, that’s us, folks.

Hey, I am no Marxist. I do not believe in the motto, “from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.” I am not looking for uniform equality in wealth and goods. But I am looking for equality in power, thus eliminating tyranny and totalitarianism, and I do not believe that the most powerful should be allowed to rule the less powerful.

Innocent? My sweet patootie they’re innocent. But they sure pretend to be, and the sheep, yeah, we can go back to calling them sheep again, they sure believe the ruse.


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