The Law of Attraction & the Power of Your Mind
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The Law of Attraction & the Power of Your Mind

The Law of Attraction & the Power of Your Mind

I am jumping ahead in the Master The Basics and We Will Thrive series because with all the energetic turmoil going on on this planet during this transitional period, it is of utmost importance to understand the very real creative power our mind has in this world. In my opinion, your mind is the greatest tool you have here on Earth. Your absorbed and emitted frequencies create your reality. Your mind is the projector of your current physical reality that you experience through your 5 sense reality. I’m just gonna get right down to it: Your mind is your broadcasting system. If you can understand this basic knowledge, and persistently apply it until it becomes an automatic process, your reality will change accordingly. When the majority of people (the masses) allow themselves to begin to understand this knowledge, our collective reality will begin to reflect it. If you are currently applying this knowledge into your individual life, then you already know that this works without fail. It is what some may refer to as the Law of Attraction, or the law of this Universe. It is the ‘big secret’ that ‘they’ don’t want you to know about. Simply put, everything in our physical reality (thoughts, events, things, people, circumstances) at it’s fundamental level is simply frequencies of energy that we tune into through our mind and then decode through our 5 senses into physical experience. Everything we perceive as physical matter is fundamentally energy. There is no solidity, only different make-ups of energy. Our mind is in effect a sophisticated radio. All frequencies are available at once in the invisible. That’s right, everything you ‘want’ or ‘desire’ is already here and available to you, you just have not yet had the proper knowledge and practice to access it, to tune into it. It is up to us to tune into the frequency that which we chose to bring into the visible to experience. It really is that simple. Our mind is simultaneously broadcasting and receiving frequencies into the world according to the thoughts and emotions that we hold in our mind. Our individual and collective thoughts and feelings are indeed manifesting the visible reality we are experiencing. Like attracts like, that is the Law of Attraction in this Universe. Low vibration frequencies (in the emotional form of fear, greed, hatred, etc.) attract low vibration manifestations (suffering, war, conflict). High vibration frequencies attract high vibration manifestations (abundance, health, happiness, love). This is why it is so important to learn to monitor your thoughts through the radar of your emotions. If you are wanting to change your life, the key is you must focus on feeling good as much as possible by controlling your thoughts (aka your frequency).

The thoughts you hold in your mind are energetic frequencies that you are constantly emitting and hence receiving, that you then decode into your visible reality.

The thoughts that we hold correspond to the belief programs we hold. Our beliefs condition the neuron pathways which emit the frequencies we have running in and out of our brain. It is in effect correct that the thoughts we hold become things.

There is a mental technique known as Neuro Linguistic Programming that deals with re-programming the neuron pathways. We don’t hear about NLP in school, and given the current state of our reality that is controlled by the few, this is understandably so. If we all knew about the programming power of NLP, we would be less susceptible to programming in school, embedded triggers in advertizing campaigns, impulse purchases or behaviors, abusive relationships, political speeches; basically any situation to which we should be applying the lost ability of discernment.

The secret to mastering and developing your broadcasting abilities lies in counsciously applying DISCERNEMENT into every single aspect of your life. The mental act of discerning is the ability to judge well. Take this one step further: the ability to choose to accept or reject frequencies. Discernment has been massively lost and washed out of our consciousness. We have been conditioned through sophisticated methods (such as education, media, mind-control, Haarp, cell phone frequencies, fluoride in the water, etc) to swallow whatever it put forth on our ‘reality’ plate. We don’t look at what’s coming in from the vantage point of: “Does this frenquency (thought, piece of information, person) serve me? Does it bring me into alignment with high frequencies of love, with my life’s purpose, with my goals?” It’s challenging at first, although it gets easier every single day. Kind of like a new workout regimen. If we can come from the mindset that our ‘mind’ is this dormant muscle or tool that we were never privied to understand the true potential of, then you can begin to train it and avoid frustration that it isnt working at full capacity yet, because you understand that you never really used it properly. It’s like we were all born with this Ferrari that is our mind (mind/body/heart) *but* we were never taught how to drive it. We were taught from day 1, as were our parents and their parents before them, to sit in the backseat and let the vehicle do the driving. Well, if you aren’t in control of your thoughts, somebody else is. If you feel uncomfortable or unsatisfied with your current reality, it is because you are not in control of your thoughts; or at least not the majority of them. You have accepted other’s thoughts as your own without even bothering to question their validity or frequency. I PERSONALLY BELIEVE THAT THIS IS THE KEY TO MASTERING OUR INDIVUAL LIFE, THAT THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT LIFE LESSON WE CAN EVER LEARN. If you can discern every frequency that is coming in, you will change your life. Because you will take back your inate human gift of free will, which once understood, in itself, affords you the power of creation and manifestation in your life. Those that run the world have highjacked our operating system (mind/body) and infected it big time with all kinds of viruses and sub-conscious programming. Since your mind/body really is a sophistaced computer, do as you would if your computer was totally damaged. Re-format and re-install the operating system (in the form of new beliefs, NLP) and install some kind of firewall (AKA DISCERNMENT) to block/filter future viruses as best as you can. And every few months, ‘scan’ your computer to see how it is performing, and to make sure all is well and that no viruses ‘snuck in’... In other words every few months or daily in every moment, take an EVALUATION of your life: observe your reality and see if it is in line with your new beliefs, if it is not, you still have some deprogramming to do. CHECK OUT THE PREVIOUS PARTS TO THIS ARTICLE SERIES: PART ONE / PART TWO .

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