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The Midazolam Mystery Remains…

The Midazolam Mystery Remains…

The Midazolam mystery remains – despite attempts by many to explain the doubling of its use in care homes and NHS hospitals after March 2020.

By John Ward of ‘The Slog’

Dr Amy Proffitt, of the Association for Palliative Medicine, told the Daily Mail, “I absolutely do not believe that there have been cases of euthanasia in care homes related to Covid-19. I can understand why people are raising concerns, but when prescribed and used appropriately, midazolam will not hasten or prolong someone’s death – it will just give comfort.”

She added that a rise in the use of midazolam was to be expected because the drug would have been an “obvious choice” to give to those with problems breathing – a symptom of coronavirus.

I have no axe to grind about Ms Proffitt, but her explanation really doesn’t cut it. She doesn’t give us any evidence to support her lack of belief in the anomaly – nor does she accept any possibility that the drug might not have been “used appropriately”. Perhaps most unconvincing, however, is Amy’s contention that it was ‘an “obvious choice” to give to those with problems breathing – a symptom of coronavirus’. This flatly contradicts most medical opinion I’ve seen.

The authoritative RXlist site clearly states that ‘Intravenous midazolam has been associated with respiratory depression and respiratory arrest’. The British Journal of Pharmacology stresses that it ‘requires special precaution if used among the elderly, and can repress efforts to breathe’. Covid19 is, in its critical phase, essentially a condition involving respiratory difficulties. Given that reality, midazolam is hardly an “obvious choice”.

But Amy Proffitt is also choosing to ignore one simple fact: in the Gosport Hospital case, the drug was at the centre of a misuse and abuse scandal where the elderly were very clearly being quietly bumped off. Further, this has prompted several police forces to investigate 15,000 deaths involving Midazolam during 2020. The investigation is still active this year.

The problem one faces over and over again in relation to Contrick19 is this unfathomable willingness to trust media, politicians, doctors and medical researchers who have persistently shown an ability to suppress information, censor contrarian views, favour ineffectively experimental vaccines over cheaper management drugs and exaggerate variant dangers in order to maintain an unconstitutional grip on power.

I have reached the point of late whereby – when yet again rebuffed as a conspiracist – I ask simply, “Who should you believe in such a debate – those who stand to gain by continuation of a bankrupt policy, or those with frontline skills who have no axe to grind?” It seems to me a perfectly reasonable, commonsense suggestion; but on the whole, it evokes more rolling eyes from the insouciant antagonists.

What I do know for certain is that – in the Anglofone world for sure – the very obvious aim of the vaxxophiles is to marginalise and demonise the unvaccinated. And so I think now it’s well past the time We Who Do Not Comply formed a branded support & info group under the broad umbrella of Freedom not Corporatism.

Adding to the Hancock > Johnson > Blair axis of leper colony thinking, further disturbing news has emerged from the US…..the dreaded Fauci is at it again:

So you see people, you can be a First Class citizen facing a lifetime of Cytokinic overreaction and early death alongside declining natural immunity, or a Second Class citizen carrying a hand-bell while yelling; “Gardez! Unclean! Unclean!” Perhaps it’s time to rename the famous statue:

In the future, there will be those who give the orders, those who obey and comply, and those whose reward for courage is to be marked for life. What’s that song again? ‘The home of the Brave, and the Land of the Free’? Yup, that’s the one.

Our world will turn into a perverse Fourth Reich unless we stand together and stop it right here, right now.

And don’t imagine it’ll just be on one front. Do you know what ESG is?

What I’m about to write will be poo-poohed by the “Its only a” brigade…but it’s actually another potential scam following on from the success of carbon trading and Climate Change BS. ESG is about “setting standards” in the corporate world that conform to the rigid belief systems of faux-liberal tartan paint salesmen: it stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance. Can you imagine any of the multinational sociopaths making, distributing and selling stuff taking any notice of their ESG rating unless there’s money in it for them? No, neither can I….but ESG trading platforms are already emerging – with our favourite philanthropist Jamie Dimon leading the way.

Like all well-meaning ideas, it would be excellent for an intelligent species not fixated by social standing and greed, with an eternal, twisted Alpha class running everything. Sadly, take out the ‘not’ thing, and you have an excellent summation of the human condition. ESG is, therefore, a terrible idea: it is inevitably destined to become a totalitarian, geopolitical, and high consumer cost weapon.

Totalitarian because Une cercle des Faux Dieux will decide on environmental correctness, desired social effects and what is “good” corporate governance. It will of course be top down Sovyet standard setting from Day One, in which the average citizen comes last, and the size of inclusion fee “donated” by the globalist mammoths decides who is a bona fide Aryan. Think Standard & Poors and the construction sector in 2008, multiply the graft by infinity squared, and you’ll be about there.

Geopolitical, because Washington will use it to cripple enemy or small competitors (eg China and Hungary respectively) by engaging in serial injudicious and random E, S or G critiques. [France uses this exact technique already to punish Polish competitors in the water-purifying and domestic paint sectors]

High consumer cost because, once given a triple-A ESG rating, tech giant Omnivore Incorporated will jack up both the retail price, and the cost of government contracts….so the ordinary taxpayer will be screwed via every orifice.

Don’t just take my word for it: in October last year at the FT, Robert Armstrong opined that, ‘…of course it is the goal of the ESG movement to push investors away from “wicked” portfolios — making their prices cheap, and setting them up to outperform “virtuous” portfolios over time….Society receives no benefit from the Panglossian do-well-by-doing-good story. It only helps fund managers sell products and companies polish their reputations while avoiding hard choices. Follow your values, but keep your eyes open’.

But the metropolitan radical chic BBCNews Mensheviks will – after a day of denying any and all empirical reality – return home to Media Gulch NW7 to sleep soundly in the knowledge that they are Saving the Planet from CO2, and the People from themselves by being ESG on-message.

All that in turn will boost stock prices….and create an ESG bubble where (yet again) all true valuation will become ether that is impossible to lasso.

The non-ESG rated businesses will become the unvaccinated members of the business community.

I mean c’mon folks – stop being drains: what on Earth could go wrong?

It’s not brain surgery or rocket science: what we’re living through – while ignoring most of the symptoms most of the time – is the attempt by an uneasy alliance of blue, green, red and grey dictators to rape our freedoms with their buck-naked hard on for Deity status.

But….butbutbut…with just a few well-chosen mavericks in the MSM – and a vibrant Resistance less open to facile dismissal by State spin doctors – all of the preceding fears about human liberty could turn into self-denying prophecies. Without their help and our determination, however, tomorrow’s world will represent the triumph of fear over wisdom.

I appeal today to everyone with doubts about draconian narratives to place the Right Thing above your job, humanity before your ideological convictions….and the future of your children before La Dolce Vita.

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