The Most Important Thing to Know About Dec 21st 2012
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The Most Important Thing to Know About Dec 21st 2012

As I write this there are 9 days remaining until the entire world will spontaneously combust into 648 billion pieces.Obviously this isn’t true but in some minds it can certainly be a possibility.
The Most Important Thing to Know About Dec 21st 2012

. Heck isn’t anything possible? But when we really look at what is playing out in a galactic sense, as well as how many of us are feeling about the date, a common trend emerges.

There are 101 different stories about what exactly will happen.

The various galactic alignments, what has been channeled, what the Bible tells us, what other religions tell us, what we get in meditation, what the Mayan’s told us, what science tells us etc.

The fact is, most of the alignments that have been talked about can scientifically be proven false. I don’t mean by NASA, but the simple fact that the majority of alignments referring to an aligning with the galactic centre are not actually slated to happen for millions of years still.

The current path of the planets and solar system is actually only suggesting that the sun will align with the galactic equator plane which happens twice every year. I have heard of other alignments and cycles completing but still there is much disagreement around what will take place exactly.

The 21st appears to be a solstice that is very similar to many others. But even if it is slightly different (which I have heard many versions of the story), I still don’t feel that is the most important thing to know about Dec 21st 2012. Let’s keep moving. Catastrophe’s, earthquakes, tidal waves etc.

There is also a lot of talk that many of these events will take place. While there is no way to accurately say this will or will not happen, I think this one has to go to how we feel about it. Using our intuition is not something to be viewed as airy fairy or silly. Nor does it have anything to do with our emotions. In fact, using these types of senses and feelings is actually one of the biggest secrets “the elite” have been using that many of us do not use or see as a joke. It’s ironic when you observe the truth of the whole thing, given that often times using your feeling, intuition or consciousness to affect your reality is often seen as a deception. So how does using our intuition or feeling relate to these catastrophe’s? Try it out. Find a quiet spot, sit and just allow yourself and your mind to go quiet. Practice meditation for about 5 minutes and then ask yourself or feel for yourself whether or not these events will happen on Dec 21st 2012. Be careful to observe the mind or emotions are not getting in the way here, and see what happens. This leads to what I feel is the most important thing we need to know about 2012. Our world is changing, there is no denying that. We can look at the state of our world, the economy, the environment, the millions of people who have been taking to the streets to protest and make their feelings known about our current world. You can look at the increase in awareness about how our world truly works, the change in awareness surrounding foods and how we choose to eat. You can even just feel it in the air, the instability, the feeling we are all having that suggests we are tired of all of this -ready to move onto something new. We have had enough of the same repetitive life and pattern day after day. Given that our world is in a state of change, and I’m not referring to the change we see everyday, but more so large scale change, we can look at Dec 21st 2012 and say, this must be it! If we just make it to this date, the energies and the alignments will do it all for us and things will be different! The truth is, change is in our hands. I remember traveling earlier this year when we were shooting for CE3. We spoke with Inelia Benz about the shift and 2012 and she said something that was actually quite interesting. In her view there is no significance with the date Dec 21st 2012. It is simply another day that will go by and yes we might feel some changes but there is nothing spectacularly special about the day. This got to reflecting on what is the most important thing we need to know about Dec 21st 2012. Whatever happens on that day, you can be rest assured that you do not need to know about it, focus on it, or be aware of it for it to affect you. Simply put, all the pondering, predictions, expectations and importance we have put on this date is in essence meaningless when we look at the fact of the matter; we will all be affected by whatever the day brings regardless of if we know about it. I have noticed there is a great deal of attention and effort put into knowing all the various levels of consciousness that exist, the dimensions, what will happen, when it will happen and all that jazz. But what is this shift we are experiencing all about really? It’s about change. It’s about being. It’s about our entire experience we are having on this planet collectively opening up to something that is different. This is happening both internally and externally. It is something that steps us outside of the repetitive nature we have been experiencing.

The control over where it goes, how fast it happens and what it looks like is up to us, not up to a date. So I reiterate, whatever change will occur, in the end it is meaningless unless we take the time to do what we need to and could have be doing all this time regardless; our own individual work to change ourselves. I do feel that through the shift we are experiencing, we will be moving away from factors of today like extreme duality, separation, competition etc, where ego essentially runs our entire world. this means I feel we are moving away from us being unconscious of our actions, our reactions and even our purpose here. We will be gradually changing our world to one that is more in alignment with nature and harmony. One where we are able to expand and grow together, all at a more rapid pace than before.

The most important thing we need to know about Dec 21st 2012 is that we simple need to focus on our own changes and not just for that one day.

The changes we can make within ourselves to go beyond the beliefs and concepts of our world that tell us how we have to live in our modern society. Dec 21st isn’t going to do all of the work for us, it is about us taking responsibility of where we are and making the changes inside of us that are necessary to change our world.

The external world will also require action, but it is inherently true that it must begin inside ourselves. As the day approaches, leave all expectation behind. Enjoy and be in each passing moment and just focus on what is happening NOW. Do what needs to be done inside of yourself and make whatever changes you need in your external world. Let the rest take it’s course. .

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