The Non-Existent Economic Recovery
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The Non-Existent Economic Recovery

I recall no more than 3 or 4 months ago hearing “The recession is over, Canada’s economy is beginning a recovery.” This was being said on a news station and was eventually in the next day’s paper.
The Non-Existent Economic Recovery

At the time it was clear there was no recovery, at this point it may appear that way, but there’s a lot more than meets the eye. We still sit here today, in virtually the same, or maybe worse, position than when “the recession was over.” “Rising government and household debt risk derailing Canada’s economic recovery, the Bank of Canada warned Thursday.” CBC NEWS I really do not see a recovery that can be derailed, however buying into their game, we can clearly see that we are far from being out of the mud even if we were heading towards a “normal recovery” like in past recessions. Regardless of the fact that this recession has been more substantial than usual, the cycle as it’s defined, would call for a recovery and eventual growth or stable period. We aren’t seeing that happen. “...the only factor it deems to have worsened since its last update in June is household debt.” Is anyone really surprised by this? The entire system is about taking the money out of the hands of the people and keeping it in the hands of the rich. If we have been keeping in tune with where things are heading while taking into perspective global data, we can fairly easily come to the conclusion that things are not going to go back to the way they were, and this is one of the reasons for it. We are not seeing enough growth where it matters to generate any sort of economic recovery, and even more so, when we see growth in our markets, its quite transparent that they aren’t what they seem to be. What’s being created right now is a “shell economy.” An illusionary economy that creates the idea that things are “coming back.” This will alleviate some of the fear among the collective and get them to possibly begin investing again. At this point, the elite can then crash the system again, like last time, and bring in the idea of a “One World Bank and Currency” which would “end all of our economic problems forever,” as the Elite would put it. Fortunately for the fact that humanity is asking for a new experience all together, collective consciousness is beginning to see through this facet within society and its crumbling. Money and the economy are completely centered around the ego construct, as the ego construct continues to dissolve, we will see more and more of our financial structure dissolve as well. Dispelling much of the slavery humanity feels around money. We tend to want to think that we must live in a world with this system of money, but we do not, and we will not as time goes on, into the near future. This is not to say money will cease to exist very soon, it simply states that pressure for basic survival will be alleviated and we will no longer be enslaved by it. A lot of this comes with our new consciousness and dissolving of ego programming which continues to take place day by day as we all make our own internal shifts.

The months ahead will be quite interesting as we watch more and more bits of the structure fracture before our eyes. See it for what it is and welcome the change in our experience. It will make for a “better” experience as we define it in our reality. Peace Joe The demand for Collective Evolution's content is bigger than ever, except ad agencies and social media keep cutting our revenues. This is making it hard for us to continue. In order to stay truly independent, we need your help. We are not going to put up paywalls on this website, as we want to get our info out far and wide. .

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