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The Personal Computer as a Viral Vector

The Personal Computer as a Viral Vector


Global dissemination of a zoonotic virus pandemic narrative by the WHO, government and university scientists, the media, and the general public, has enabled the trialling of a cybernosis, or disease transmitted from a computing machine to humans, amongst a new and relatively large target body. This paper presents the rationale, methodology, initial findings, and limitations of the preliminary trial, and assesses the future potential of this new field of virology.


The widescale dissemination, via government bodies (e.g., SAGE, SPI-B, CDC), NGOs (e.g., WEF, WHO, World Bank, IMF), universities, individuals, and most credible media organizations (e.g., Reuters, Guardian, New York Times, Der Spiegel, BBC), of the Sars-CoV-2 pandemic narrative brought about the anticipated largescale uptake (currently 4.9 billion people) of the new mRNA genetic modification technique.

Whilst the ‘vaccine’ programme has been highly successful (and should soon incorporate most humans above six months of age) as yet it is not universal, requiring ongoing coercive stimuli and alternative rollouts (e.g., polio, smallpox, seasonal influenza). A significant residue of unvaccinated individuals is likely to persist (also anticipated), a cohort that often correlates with narrative scepticism, and even the promulgation of a counter-narrative.

Pandemic scepticism and attendant vaccine resistance have various causes. So far, an algorithm for predicting or identifying recalcitrance or ‘free thinking’ is unavailable. However, one of the drivers of what has been termed ‘sheer bloody-mindedness’ (Hoff et al., 2009) is people turning to alternative media sites for authentic journalism (e.g., Global Research, Signs of the Times, UK Column News, Off Guardian).

Serendipitously, this has provided a ready-made group that can be utilized in the trial of a novel ‘virus’ we term cybernosis or Computer Generated Disease. (Note: ‘cybernosis’ is not used here in the sense proposed by Meerloo (1971) to specify the cybernetic functional disorders in senescence)

The clinical trial was conducted using 10,000 test subjects from the above-mentioned cohort of alt-media indulgers in various European countries, the US, and Canada. (It was considered unnecessary for Australia.)


We drew on findings from photobiology, photochemistry, and biophotonics, to design a technique to disrupt the natural interaction between photons and biological structures. Using basic photometry, it was determined that a luminous intensity of 500 candelas per square metre (cd/m2), combined with an image resolution of approximately 140 PPI (e.g., a standard modern 15.6-inch laptop with 1920 x 1080-pixel array) were an adequate emission source to initiate the desired outcome.

An encoding algorithm (Patent Pending) was used to adjust the RGB pixel values and create micro pixel patterns in the source images (text, photos, or video), effectively encoding hidden but dynamic visual signals. The emergent properties of this steganographic technique were found to be similar to the way traditional Sufi teaching stories encode secret information which acts as a catalyst to initiate novel connectivities between the auditory channel and the higher faculties (although it should be noted that in the present case the effect achieved is not in any way beneficial to the organism).

Almost any visual material may be utilized for the purpose, with no noticeable diminution or corruption of the original source format, and hence without the subject being conscious of viewing anything more than what is immediately apparent.

The encoded signal, propagating through the eye to the optic nerve and visual cortex, was designed to modulate the neuronal architecture by initiating highly unusual or chaotic synaptic firing, inducing a virus-like cascading disruption of established neural pathways, specifically in the pre-frontal cortex, thus affecting higher cognitive functions, (e.g., attention, working memory, willed action, reasoning capacity, planning, language understanding and processing, decision making, problem solving).

We draw the analogy with virus infection in the following way. The virion, effectively inert until in invades a host cell, utilizes the cell’s energy and biosynthesis machinery to generate progeny virions, which are then released, so transferring the viral genome to new host cells. This parasitic exploitation results in the disruption of normal cellular functions, i.e., disease.

Likewise, the neuron or brain cell, communicating with other neurons via chemical neurotransmitters across the synaptic gap of dendrites and axons, is at the mercy of the messages it receives – garbage in, garbage out, as they say – so an erroneous message will propagate just as readily throughout the cortex.

In both cases we are dealing with an ‘information package’ which disrupts the normal working of the cell. In the case of a cybernosis, however, disease manifests as aberrant psychological states.

It is anticipated that an IQ attenuation in the order of one or two standard deviations (15-30 points) could easily be achieved. On the Stanford-Binet scale this would mean a move from Superior to Average, or better yet from High Average to Low Average. Although still not as effective, or instantaneous, as donning a backwards baseball cap and short trousers, it is expected to be permanent.

A treatment group and a control group were established. Subjects were monitored and assessed through the device camera (where accessible) using ‘backdoor’ access. Otherwise, assessment was made by examining email, smartphone communication, old-style correspondence, or (via private investigator) conversations in the pub.

Twelve biometric parameters – either physiological or behavioural – were measured after ten and thirty minutes; then at one, six, twenty-four, and forty-eight hours; then every week up to 6 weeks after the applied stimulus:

  1. Vital signs (e.g., pulse and respiration rate, body temperature) were used to initially assess internal states; thereafter, unconscious facial movements, which closely track certain psychological states of (e.g., uncomfortableness, alarm, horror, disgust).
  2. Lessening of dynamic engagement with the site, i.e., a marked reduction in certain conscious responses (e.g., laughter, swearing, cursing, ranting) or unconscious responses (e.g., puzzled look, frowning, sighing, headshaking).
  3. Reduction in the posting of instructive, ironic, or sarcastic commentary.
  4. Increasing nonchalance towards or forgetting all about the alt-media site.
  5. Paranoia, or an overwhelming sense of being bamboozled, that nothing and no one can be believed, not empirical science, experts, voices of the right or left, Anthony Fauci or Sucharit Bhakdi.
  6. Suicidal talk.
  7. Increasing interest in scientific journal articles, Reuters Fact Check, and Full Fact.
  8. Increasing interest in the outlook of alienated or ex- friends.
  9. Forgetfulness that Western civilization is in terminal decline, corrupt and sick beyond belief or understanding.
  10. Loss of conviction that everything bad comes from America.
  11. The tendency to quote obsessives like George Monbiot, not ironically but as though they were significant intellects.
  12. Ability to absorb James Lovelock’s Novacene with impunity.

In this order, the twelve parameters represent a scale of increasing effectiveness of the cybernosis, and mark a process we call Disorientation, Reorientation, and Sectionable.


Any assessment of change in personality must remain partially subjective. The difficulty of isolating what were in reality healthy responses to the current absurd re-framing of reality reported on by the alt-media sites, from those caused by the cybervirus will be readily appreciated.

It was noted that various physiological symptoms were curiously similar to so-called Covid-19 symptoms, i.e., hyperventilation, tachycardia, headaches, nausea, loss of appetite, sleeplessness (Table 1).

The initial trial showed an unanticipated robust resistance to the new input in a relatively high proportion of the treatment group (Table 2). We were impressed by the degree to which personality was preserved, fidelity to truth and discriminatory capacity maintained, and integrity safeguarded, even after prolonged exposure. Disorientation was short-lived, whilst Reorientation occurred in an unexpected way, in that most subjects reached a new (that is to say, deeper) level of understanding of false narratives (Table 3 & 4). It is possible that conspiracy theories (i.e., facts) set up a type of ‘neuronal block’, impeding the cognitive dissonance and general stupidity associated with a cybernosis. This could explain why devotees of Twitter, Facebook, and the BBC are such a pushover.

An effective solution here would be the application of advanced AI self-learning software to create positive feedback loops that augment the intensity of the stimulus

Efforts should be made in subsequent trials to eliminate the flaws of the preliminary one, which tragically overlooked the drawbacks of a double blind, exposing some of the testers to the same visual input as the treatment group, resulting in the loss of several very capable researchers.

It is suggested that masks, face shields, and social distancing be introduced to protect all experimenters. Failing that, the substitution of 100% AI technology in the monitoring process.

We recommend the current programme run for three years, though it could be terminated early in the event of any of the following:

  1. The alt-media sites display a significant decline in intelligent articles/reports or perceptive commentary.
  2. The forced shutdown of the alt-media sites by disaffected viewers and/or the site’s editors relocating to the Caribbean.
  3. Disappearance of almost all criticism of the BBC.
  4. Cheerful acceptance of the pandemic measures during winter 2022/3.
  5. Mandatory vaccination.
  6. Liz Truss sparking WWIII.
  7. Relinquishment of scientific principles and common sense exceeding 90%.
  8. CBDC is fully operational and the planet and everything on it is owned by twelve humanoids.
  9. Widespread recognition that the barrier between the demonic realm and this one has been breached.
  10. An unexpected change of strategy whereby ineffective resistance to the elite’s agenda is replaced by a highly organized secret sniper force which takes out the protagonists of the Great Reset en masse.


The author has no conflicts of interest or ethical concerns to declare.

Grateful thanks to Mr W. Gates, the inspirational Dr K. Schwab, the NSA, MOD, and Google LLC.

I am indebted to Professor George Misánthropos for pointing out that this paper itself could be encoded and used as part of a clinical trial, and for encouraging my work on “Select Organisms as Viral Vectors” (Griffin et al., 2022)


Select Organisms as Viral Vectors

Abstract: It was determined that the participants in the initial cybernosis clinical trial demonstrated a higher mental acuity and were able to resist an overblown ‘virus’ narrative more easily than the average person. In this paper we demonstrate that this cohort, having superior ability to access, assess, and pass on data, acts in a virus-like way, infecting those around them.

Potentially, this group could be a catalyst for profound change, upsetting the millennia-old status quo involving a parasitical minority lording it over the rest, substituting an altruistic and cooperative system for Darwinian competitiveness, and perhaps even altering the equilibrium of the Earth System (K. Schwab, personal communication, June 6, 2022).

This paper expounds upon other studies in which we have argued that a highly problematical situation requires early attention. See “Earth as a Viral Vector” (Griffin et al., 2022)

Earth as a Viral Vector

Abstract: Our planet is home to as many as 1031 (10 nonillion) viruses, a hundred million times the number of stars in the universe; 380 trillion alone are thought to exist in a symbiotic relationship with the human organism. Compare this to the estimated total number of species (about 8.7 million) or our own population (about 8 billion) and it is evident that viruses are the dominant lifeform. Most life on Earth, then, can be considered viral in nature.

This paper argues that viruses are of paramount value to the Earth System. It is therefore vital to our role as wise stewards of ‘Gaia’ to foster the flourishing of such lifeforms. Thus, it will be critical to counter the narrative of the virus-denier (along with those who seek to downplay the significance of viruses by claiming human pre-eminence – termed ‘virusism’ (Griffin, 2020).

We conclude that the long-term imperative is not that humans be subsumed by AI, but that they make way for viruses. The rationale for this proposal is emerging evidence of the role of our sun in virus propagation (see “Galaxies as Viral Vectors”).

Galaxies as Viral Vectors

Abstract: The sun as the driver for the Earth System over approximately four billion years, can be seen as the foremost progenitor of viruses In this paper we argue that what might appear to be virus favouritism, in fact conforms to Darwinian evolutionary principles.

Moreover, the situation on Earth closely mimics the evolution of stellar bodies. In other words, it is a product of the virus-like way stars behave. We examine the cosmological evidence for this in the way stars explode and spread their matter widely throughout the galaxy, providing the seedbed for new stars and their orbiting planets.

Suns, it is argued, are effectively virions utilizing the energy and matter of the host universe formed after the Big Bang to replicate themselves. Our sun is a second or third generation main-sequence star, or G-type virus. Since it is not massive enough to go supernova, it can be considered a dead end as far as viral propagation goes. We conclude that this is not cause for concern, as it will not appreciably affect the status of what has been termed ‘the viral universe’ (see “The Universe as a Viral Vector”1).

The Universe as a Viral Vector

Abstract: In recent decades some physicists have postulated a multiverse, or the existence of multiple universes, each with its own laws, particles, arrangement of forces, and fundamental constants. If infinite in number, this would imply universes only marginally different from our own.

In this paper I argue that inflation theory shows that the conditions shortly after the Big Bang selected for a Universe which is viral in nature. Quantum fluctuations in regions of the initial expanding universe which cause mini-universes to continually ‘pinch off’ and propagate more universes, act in much the same way as virus messenger RNA. We conclude that this self-reproducing quantum virus is potentially eternal, and will eventually invade all of time (see “Time as a Viral Vector”, Griffin, 20231).

Time as a Viral Vector

Abstract: An analysis of my ‘previous’ papers and their footnotes shows that time itself often acts in a virus-like way. In this paper I argue that a study of my earlier papers, which evidently draw on ‘future’ articles, is contrary to the accepted arrow of time and the logic of cause and effect. I show that scientific articles tend to proliferate virally, becoming not more erudite but increasingly ludicrous.

I demonstrate that emergent quantum fluctuations in spacetime and my solution of the Einstein field equations are consistent with nonlocality and retrocausality, and mean that time is actually moving backwards. Although counter-intuitive, I conclude that the SARS-CoV-2 ‘pandemic’ is yet to happen, and the entire narrative will be caused by Off Guardian and other alt-media sites, before it finally peters out after several years and is suddenly forgotten.

Read the full article at the original website


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