The Polarized Game of Duality

You are being guided to your destination not by your mind, but by your heart and your higher self.You are harmonizing and continually spiraling inward and beyond..

There is always a gap between what is being felt and what is being understood. You are always in this gap, the gap of awareness and the manifestation. In the beginning you saw a negative force, a duality a dark alliance versus the forces of light. However you may come to learn that you are not what you think you, are and they are not what you think they are. It is all a dream being played out until the end, linear time is nothing but the screen. It is passing quickly as your development proceeds on an accelerated schedule, there are many who have walked your path. Time is only a journey you have traveled in order to get to full awareness. This great awareness will enrich the planet and permeate all dimensions. With this truth coming forth, spirit will rise above mind and matter. To this the current reality of fear and power will end. Power demands fear and fear needs power to exist, when power and fear end, the wasted energy of both ends.

The game of power and fear is and illusion of the 4th dimension.

The one playing the strong who is demanding power from another person admits weakness by showing there is a need to gain more power.

The one playing the weak shows lack of knowledge of self and lives in ignorance. It is a loss for both parties.

There is no fear and there is no power over another, it is all an illusion There is nothing to gain and nothing to lose. Each player shows emptiness and continually moves away from the flow of source.

The powerful one is trapped by greed and the weaker shows weakness of knowledge by allowing their energy to be trapped by fear. It is all freedom of choice, it is a willing deception of ignorance by both parties, no one is less and no one is more than any of humanity. Chose to radiate without limit your light to all, so that they may see and awaken to the unconditional love that is bathing the planet. As this love shines through your heart you may grow and be as great as you are.

The fearful and the powerful will awaken from their dream and join the family of light. You are the one who is able to provide light and love and raise the level of vibration of those within you sphere of influence. You are a giver of enlightenment, there are countless names given to obtaining and giving enlightenment. Prayer, caring, yoga, kindness, meditation, healing, compassion, teaching, service and love. Bring forth you higher light, you are one with all that is, and you are radiating energy breathing in and out. All is now, it is the same moment for everyone, you have sought peace and are given peace and oneness deep inside in order to share. It is simply a matter of choice, to hold onto the ship as it is going down or to get into the lifeboat that is waiting to take you home.

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