The Power of Speaking Truth and Walking off “The Path”
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The Power of Speaking Truth and Walking off “The Path”

We hear it time and time again and it’s something that seems to be the biggest excuse for why we don’t want to change or do something about how we are experiencing on earth.
The Power of Speaking Truth and Walking off “The Path”

“The world is the way it is and we can never change it!!” How many times have you shared information about “conspiracy theories,” the illuminati or the way the economy actually works? Or when you share what is coming, the changes that are about to happen in our experience, and someone says “you are negative! Do not focus on this stuff, you can’t change it or do anything about it so forget about it! Focus on your career or school and make money, thats how you play THE GAME!” We hear this so often for mainly two reasons, lack of understanding when it comes to the power of truth and FEAR. We say these things because we are soo afraid of seeing the world for the way it is. We are stricken with fear when we think about doing something that isn’t “the norm” when we walk against the grain. We worry about what others would think if we spoke or did things that aren’t in line with what everyone else does. For these reasons we go on “playing the game” not doing anything to change, this is OK. But for those who do choose to speak out, you are the ones leading the way to bring about change. Without this group, nothing would ever change and we would be “stuck” forever. It is easy to walk with the herd, but sometimes to do what’s “right” we must walk alone. Drawing from some personal experience, I’d like to tell a story of how powerful speaking out really is and how much our experience is changing. Four years ago a couple of us on the CE team created a website called It came about as a result of seeing the movie Zeitgeist and realizing the power of its message.

The site was pretty much dead for 6 months until we finally closed it down. We had found that very very few of us, collectively, were ready to talk about many of the issues and truths we were sharing on the website. Collectively, we were only beginning to really share our opinions on issues and at the time it seemed that not many of us cared. Four years later we launch and wow, what a difference that four years has made. Collectively, we are aware more than we could have imagined we would be. Not only is it widely known that major things like 9/11, global warming and vaccines are complete lies, but many have began to learn more about themselves! We have made this leap beyond identifying with “us” and our ego’s and are beginning to see to the SELF. This is precisely the type of thought and consciousness that will continue to bring forth the changes that are coming to the planet right now and for the years to come. This massive shift in awareness has come as a result of people and groups devoting time and energy into sharing information. It has come from getting off our knees and not using excuses like “you can’t change it, just go make money!” It has come from focusing on doing what’s right, even if it means walking the tougher path. We have all been deemed “crazy,” “mentally deranged,” or “negative” for sharing that the swine f lu vaccine was not in our best interests, that swine flu was engineered, that global warming was a scam, that 9/11 was an inside job, but look, it is now very common knowledge that these are all truths! Without voicing this, we would not be where we are today. To us all collectively, we are all responsible in our own way for where we are today and if we continually work on ourselves individually, we can change our experience in a short time.

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